KoreClient Spotlight

March 3, 2023

KoreClient Spotlight: Steve Beaman, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Elevare Technologies

Elevare Technologies is a technology company aiming to lead the digital economy revolution through Virtualization as a Service (VaaS). They promote and accelerate virtual adoption […]

February 10, 2023

KoreClient Spotlight: Greg Tucker, CEO and Co-Founder of Spartan Bitcoin Mining

Greg Tucker has been in the publicly traded arena in some form or fashion for close to 20 years. He served as a President/CEO of […]

January 27, 2023

KoreClient Spotlight: Inland Mid-Continent Corporation

Jeff Leenerts is the president of Inland Mid-Continent Corporation, an oil and gas exploration and production company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In his early childhood, […]

December 23, 2022

KoreClient Spotlights: A Year in Review

At KoreConX, we love showcasing our innovative clients, who we believe are making a difference in the world, through our KoreClient Spotlight. Here are just […]

December 2, 2022

KoreClient Spotlight: Wealthcasa

For many people, investment properties come with a price tag that is cost-prohibitive to everyday investors. However, as Reg A+ sees wider use in the […]

November 11, 2022

KoreClient Spotlight: Consumer Cooperative Group

When it comes to real estate, most people think about buying and flipping properties for a quick profit. But what if you could buy a […]

November 4, 2022

KoreClient Spotlight: Live Retail

There are about 5.5 million businesses that operate in the U.S. under the license of a brand, typically franchises like McDonald’s or 7-11 and even […]

October 28, 2022

KoreClient Spotlight: Tech Chain Software

The trucking industry in the United States is a vital part of the economy, responsible for transporting trillions of dollars worth of goods each year. […]

October 15, 2022

KoreClient Spotlight: Orion Capital

Orion Capital is a small holding company that specializes in connecting investors with unique investment opportunities. With a focus on the little guy, Orion Capital […]

October 7, 2022

KoreClient Spotlight: Budding Technologies

Budding Technologies, Inc. is looking to change the cannabis industry with innovative technology and the use of blockchain through its product, Budbo.   The Budbo […]