KoreClient Spotlight: Inland Mid-Continent Corporation

Jeff Leenerts is the president of Inland Mid-Continent Corporation, an oil and gas exploration and production company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In his early childhood, Jeff was first introduced to the oil business under his father’s guidance, where he received an inside look at the industry. Inland Mid-Continent Corporation has emerged to leverage the company’s collective experience within the industry and develop oil and natural gas prospects.


Inland Mid-Continent Corporation keeps a focus on smaller projects to meet its goals. As Leenerts explains, they aim to “get what’s left out of the ground and make sure we all get the benefit from it.” This means that their operations are more focused on conventional shallow oil and gas formations (< 3,500 ft.) which would require light fracs, if necessary. Their approach is centered around taking advantage of existing conventional resources, as opposed to what larger companies may deem too small or not cost-effective. In addition, there is an ample supply of natural gas and oil in Oklahoma, which allows the company to produce a reliable supply to local refineries and natural gas pipelines. 


As the company plans on utilizing Regulation A+ to grow, Inland Mid-Continent Corporation is focused on keeping its expansion within a three-hour radius of Tulsa so that it can effectively and cost-efficiently manage operations. Plus, the collective experience of the team will help the company navigate potential bumps in the road with ease, while also being able to deliver quality results. The company is driven by a low overhead structure, making it possible to operate prudently and cost-efficiently. Through Reg A+, the company is excited to provide opportunities for everyday people to get involved in the ground floor of the company and benefit in the long run as it grows.


The company also feels that it is at an advantage because it can incorporate used equipment in good condition to maximize its output while minimizing the associated costs. This allows them to provide more efficient services in a rapidly changing energy sector that is increasingly focused on cost containment. “We all have the same mindset about what we want to do and we’re convinced it’s gonna work and it’s the way forward,” said Leneerts. This drive for efficiency has enabled the company to remain competitive, even in a rapidly changing industry while raising the bar for quality and reliability.


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