KoreClient Spotlight: Consumer Cooperative Group

When it comes to real estate, most people think about buying and flipping properties for a quick profit. But what if you could buy a property, have the tenants already in place, and generate revenue from the time you acquired it? That’s what the Consumer Cooperative Group (CCG) is all about on a larger scale than individual properties. CCG is a cooperative of investors all across America who work together to purchase turnkey properties – including commercial, residential, and industrial – and generate revenue from the outset.


What makes CCG different from other real estate investment groups is its focus on education. “We don’t just tell you about our company; we also educate our investors at the same time because it is a requirement that our investors are not passive,” said CEO and Founder of CCG, Tanen Andrews. “There is a level of participation that we require from them because if they have equity they are part owners. So we require them to be active in what we are doing.”.


This focus on education means that CCG members are truly invested in the company and its success. “Cooperative members are the ones with the voting rights and the investors are the ones with no board voting rights but they have an opportunity to be a part of the membership to create multiple streams of income,” said Andrews. This allows for a two-way street of investment and education – both parties benefit from each other. But it’s not just about making money for CCG. They also want to make an impact on their local community. “Activating social events and making a change in a community are two separate things and we want to fund social aspirations that we want to see done and we want to be self-sufficient at the same time,” said Andrews. That’s why they focus on creating jobs as well as generating revenue.


“This is a multi-phase venture and the initial phase is the real estate. With Consumer Cooperative Group being a real estate cooperative, and we use that cooperative methodology to purchase real estate, pooling the funds of the people who could not traditionally invest in startup companies of this magnitude in exchange for equity,” said Andrews. “In addition to that, now we have access to go to Wall Street and directly list and provide liquidity for them on another level that they were never able to access,” said Andrews. 


Owning real estate is a great way to build wealth, but not everyone can or should assume the active duties of a landlord, and CCG takes that element out of it. With tenants already in the properties, they are already generating revenue from the time that they are acquired.”We can buy these turnkey properties and have something to build upon instead of building from scratch,” said Andrews. “Our business plan is wrapped around our community. We are thinking about the financial growth of our market so they can compete. That’s why I love KoreConX. KoreConX is a platform that can be used in conjunction with what we are doing to keep some type of sustainability of our growth and manage what we are doing as we progress to the next level,” said Andrews. CCG wants to make sure they are educating as they are progressing, they are trying to maximize what is already there and build upon that.


“We have a Reg A going through the process right now after we went Reg CF first. Most people have never heard of the JOBS Act and most are jumping into traditional capital raising platforms, and I feel that is confusing. What we try to do is focus specifically on the JOBS Act so that we can eventually qualify for listing. We do not want to just make investors and members but we also want to create real entrepreneurs, we want to show them how to create a real viable business and repeat the process,” said Andrews. CCG provides those who did not always have the opportunity the means to be a part of business ownership.


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