KoreClient Spotlight: Greg Tucker, CEO and Co-Founder of Spartan Bitcoin Mining

Greg Tucker has been in the publicly traded arena in some form or fashion for close to 20 years. He served as a President/CEO of a publicly traded company for four years and has assisted multiple CEOs and business owners with communications and messaging for well over a decade. 

Press releases, articles, videos, social media messaging, etc. are all strengths of his and multiple companies have benefitted from his ability to get more eyes on a project via effective messaging and communications. He has also been actively engaged in the Crypto market(s) now for well over five years.

We sat down with Greg recently to discuss his company, Spartan Bitcoin Mining, and what people should expect from this new and novel approach to Bitcoin Mining.

Q: Why Bitcoin Mining and why now?

A: Most people don’t realize that Bitcoin is cyclical and has followed a general trading pattern since its inception. We predict that we could be entering the favorable portion of the latest four-year cycle and we feel great about the business model and the long-term potential of what we are doing. 

Q: Okay, so what can shareholders expect from you and your team?

A:  I’ve seen multiple companies over the past few decades throw around the term “shareholder friendly” with ease, yet their actions, more often than not, do not live up to that claim. Eventually, greed takes over and that’s never a good thing. I’m going to be 60 this year. I live frugally. In the back of my mind, I’ve always told myself that when the time came and under the right circumstances, I would ensure that “shareholder friendly: was the mantra that drove every decision from day one on any new business venture. 

Q: Can you expand on that, maybe share some examples of what you’re talking about?

A: Sure. I think a project like this should be a collaboration where shareholders get a vote, they have a voice and they help guide the overall direction of the company. We will provide multiple channels for shareholder feedback and engage with them as often as possible, at least weekly.

Q: Not everyone understands Bitcoin. In fact, most people don’t.  How do you plan to overcome that hurdle?

A: Excellent point and you’ve hit on my number one frustration when it comes to Crypto, but instead of staying frustrated, I did something about it. I’ve created a video series that will be exclusive to our shareholders. We call it “The Crypto Classroom” and as of now, it is up to 40 videos that lay out exactly what Bitcoin is, how to trade in cryptocurrencies, decentralized platforms, etc. It is all taught and narrated by me, ensuring that you learn it the right way and at your own pace.  But back to your original question… The first three videos specifically explain Bitcoin in a way that is easy to understand and we would recommend that everyone watch those three videos before investing in our company. Oh, and by the way, the video series will expand over time so that it becomes a video library of sorts that is always kept up to date and can be referenced at any time by our folks.

Q: Bitcoin has gone through some lean times as of late. What is your plan for situations like that?

A: We will hold in escrow a specific amount for each mining rig representing 18 months of “what if”. In other words, if Bitcoin were to turn south suddenly, we are prepared and will not run the risk of overextending ourselves. That’s just good business sense on behalf of all involved.

Q: I’ve got to say, your approach to doing everything in a shareholder-friendly manner is refreshing.

A: Look, I’ve been around a long time, and not once have I seen a company live up to that claim 100% of the time. We will. And to ensure that’s the case, I’m putting it in print, on audio and video from day one and will continue to do so to hold all of us accountable to living up to these parameters for the long haul both legally and ethically. I firmly believe that if you don’t have integrity, you are lost; you have nothing.


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