KoreClient Spotlight: Budding Technologies

Budding Technologies, Inc. is looking to change the cannabis industry with innovative technology and the use of blockchain through its product, Budbo.


The Budbo ecosystem consists of three unique products; Budbo App, Budbo Connect, and BudboTrax. Together, these touch all aspects of the cannabis industry from growers and product manufacturers to dispensaries and consumers.


The Budbo App features a patent-pending technology that allows cannabis users to log into the application and enter some demographic data that is then used to make suggestions on strains and products of cannabis that would be best for the user. Users are also rewarded for providing this data with cryptocurrency tokens that can be spent on merchandise or accepted by dispensaries. With this technology, new users can feel more confident in choosing the strains and products that would be best for them based on data like their weight, gender, and experience level. After answering several questions on a 1-10 scale, the algorithm can make these suggestions. Pick-up and delivery options are available to consumers with an easy-to-use interface.


For dispensaries, growers, and product manufacturers, Budbo Connect enables them to access the data provided by Budbo customers and other third-party APIs. In the Connect dashboard, companies can keep product information up to date so that it can be found by the most appropriate customer. In turn, companies can see what types of products are popular or sought after by cannabis users in their region. With companies able to tailor their inventory to what customers are looking for, they can reduce waste, increase sales, and find the right product manufacturers for these products.


Lastly, BudboTrax, is a supply chain management system built on blockchain technology that gives users the ability to track products and lab results so that they can know exactly where their product comes from and if it meets the quality standards that they are looking for. This feature allows cannabis users to be confident in the product by providing much-needed clear visibility into the chain of custody of the cannabis plant and subsequent product.


Working together, these three elements create a robust suite of tools to empower the cannabis industry and to serve cannabis users with access to the safest and best product available.


To aid in the company’s growth, Budding Technologies, Inc. is using Regulation Crowdfunding to raise funds for their company. “We chose the Reg CF as the vehicle because it’s a grass-roots way to raise capital that is for everybody, and we feel cannabis and our technology is for everybody. What makes the Reg CF so great, is that it allows anyone interested in Budbo, cannabis, and blockchain, to have the opportunity to invest in Budbo and get involved with the company,” said Luke Patterson, the company’s CEO.


Budbo is an innovative company that is changing the way the cannabis industry works. With their use of blockchain technology, they are helping customers verify the quality of the products being sold while also giving businesses valuable data about what products are being used in their area and users on what cannabis is right for them.


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