CapTable Management

Simplify Your CapTable Management

CapTable Management

Leave spreadsheets in the past and upgrade your Cap Table with KoreConX’s All-In-One Platform. Harness the regulatory, investor data, and performance power of a secure platform for Cap Table reporting and disclosure.

CapTable Management

Manage Your Cap Table with KoreConX



The All-In-One Cap Table management solution is cross-linked with essential documents and investor information so that data is easily accessible to relevant parties.



With updates in real-time, your cap table will never be out of date, giving you the power of accurate information whenever and wherever you may need it.



Manage all issued securities, debt, equity, digital, options/warrants and exotic securities.

Securities Management

Track and manage securities issued

Track every share issued

The All-In-One Platform supports every security issued – equity, digital securities/security tokens, preferred stocks, debts, SAFE, CrowdSafe, promissory notes, debentures, convertibles, options, warrants, and stable coins – so that your company can track everything in the hands of shareholders. Securities are issued as eCerts, eliminating the cost and hassle of traditional paper certificates. Plus, view the details securities issued from an easy to use dashboard.

Issuance and Transfers

Through the Cap Table, manage the entire shareholder lifecycle. Issuance, transfers, trades, conversions, redemptions, dividends of their issued securities with ease while maintaining stringent compliance standards. Not limited to the US dollar, the KoreConX platform supports any currency a company deals with.


Be compliant with ease

Meet regulatory requirements

Audit trails of all issued securities, maintain 409A and 820 reports, and other transactional documentation included in the Cap Table management solution allowing for near-automatic compliance.

Keep investors updated

Regardless of company lifecycle, fundraising, merger, acquisition, public transaction, or exit, records are readily available to shareholders with all information managed in the All-In-One Platform.

Information Management

Track and manage options plans

Seamless processing of options

Using the KoreConX All-In-One Cap Table solution you can manage all aspects of your options plans including issuance, vesting, cliffs, and keep track of expiries, making the entire process seamless for the company and option holder.

Real-time accuracy

KoreConX eliminates the need to keep unsynchronised and out of date versions of your Cap Table while giving users the powerful ability to upload data in bulk. Updated in real-time, information is always current so that you can present worry-free metrics.