KoreConX Is Changing Private
Capital Markets

Launched by Oscar A Jofre and Jason Futko, KoreConX is

designed to empower private markets.

“Private markets are plagued by inefficient tools, fragmented processes and high costs.

Ad hoc and disconnected systems limit a company’s ability to manage a compliant business, access financing and provide
liquidity to their investors.”

We bring the tried-and-true infrastructure of the public markets to streamline the chaotic global private markets. Our secure, all-in-one platform gives the private market ecosystem the ability to compliantly manage corporate records, captable, funding activities, shareholders, and investors —while efficiently taking advantage of innovative capital-raising opportunities.

What Sets Us Apart

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

KoreConX believes that information and documents should be efficiently managed and distributed in a compliant manner to all parties involved in private markets activities.

All-In-One Platform

All-In-One Platform

KoreConX empowers companies & broker-dealers with the ability to manage all private capital market activities from a secure, auditable, and accessible platform to ensure compliance.



KoreConX believes that compliance should be simplified and empower companies & broker-dealers by enabling secure and efficient transactions

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