KoreClient Spotlight: Orion Capital

Orion Capital is a small holding company that specializes in connecting investors with unique investment opportunities. With a focus on the little guy, Orion Capital allows anyone with an appetite for investment to participate in deals they would never have had access to otherwise. With a wide network of seasoned professionals from a variety of backgrounds, Orion can provide expert advice and guidance for nearly any opportunity that comes their way. RegCF is allowing them to offer a vehicle to open up their experience to a wider audience, giving everyday people access to high-quality investments.


Eric Shampine, a founding partner of Orion Capital, has been working in the real estate and investment world for years. He is a strong believer in the power of small investments to create big returns. “If you can diversify your portfolio across hundreds of small investments, whatever it may be, it lowers the risk for you and you still get to play in that investment world,” said Shampine. Orion Capital offers investors just that opportunity. By pooling together small investments from a large number of people, they can create a diversified portfolio that minimizes risk while still providing exposure to high-growth investments.


One of the key advantages of Orion Capital’s strategy is tapping into a wide variety of different industries and investment strategies. With a large network of contacts, they can quickly identify and assess opportunities as they arise. “We have a lot of different contacts in different industries and we’re always on the lookout for new investment opportunities,” said Shampine. This allows them to be nimble and take advantage of opportunities as they come up, rather than being tied down to one particular strategy or asset class. “While it is a less formal structure it is a very wide net of experience that can be very specific for whatever we come across,” said Shampine.


Mainstreet Investing with RegCF


Orion Capital is always looking for new opportunities to invest and provide investors with exposure to high-quality investments to diversify their portfolios, and they are now exploring this with a RegCF raise. This raise will allow them to expand their reach and provide even more people with access to these types of investments. “With this latest RegCF raise, the funds are a combination of assets. Initially, we are looking for smaller balance real estate assets that will provide consistent cash flow for the dividend we will be paying out to the investors. As I am building this, that is the first base we want covered to protect our investors’ capital and preserve dividends. Once that core is built up, I will look to deploy capital in investments with slightly higher risk. A little more opportunity for equity growth and scale it up that way, but this is not a fund where I’m looking to have only one or two major investments,” said Shampine. By utilizing RegCF, Orion Capital can provide even more people with access to these types of investments. Through equity crowdfunding, smaller investors can invest for a smaller stake in an investment opportunity traditionally not available to them. 

The firm’s focus is on main street investments for main street investors. Multiple smaller assets diversify the risk; there are good investments to be made in things such as single-family homes, mortgage notes, mom & pop businesses, and other smaller investments people can relate to that provide equity growth and cash flow.


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