KoreClient Spotlight: Steve Beaman, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Elevare Technologies

VIrtualization as a Service

Elevare Technologies is a technology company aiming to lead the digital economy revolution through Virtualization as a Service (VaaS). They promote and accelerate virtual adoption globally creating custom virtual experiences and worlds for teams, clients, and partners. Businesses can digitize their current physical office and access a digital twin-layout with cutting-edge Web 3.0 solutions.


Virtualization as a Service


“Elevare Technologies was created to help digitize the American business economy. We are creating a movement from the real world into the virtual world. It is the best of the two worlds. We specialize in offering a digital office system where businesses can build a digital twin of their current physical office and then have a digital office adjacent to it,” said Elevare CEO, Steve Beaman. 


The company is developing a powerful virtual meeting solution, the Eleverse. That provides organizations with the ability to connect, collaborate and communicate seamlessly in a secure and private online environment. The technology allows users to conduct presentations and video conferencing while providing a reliable platform for communication and integrating a powerful AI assistant. Similar to familiar video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet, private meeting rooms come with a unique ID code that makes the virtual space secure and private. Without the private meeting code, uninvited individuals are unable to join in, ensuring security for businesses’ sensitive information. 


Up to 400 people


The virtual meeting can occur in a boardroom setting and be modeled after your real-world conference room. Companies can also leverage the virtual auditorium for large-scale meetings for up to 400 people. There is a smart screen capability currently in the works, allowing you to conduct a full presentation in the virtual space. With an integrated AI virtual assistant named Iris that can help with any questions you have during meetings, the workspace is more efficient and productive. There is even a video conferencing feature that allows you to have video conferencing abilities at your fingertips virtually, enabling users to connect with colleagues across the world digitally. At the same time, virtual office spaces can be located within a virtual office building, allowing companies to interact and network with neighboring individuals and companies.


To help Elevare achieve its goals, the company is opting to leverage Regulation CF to nurture relationships with investors. The ultimate goal is to make them brand ambassadors. “Crowdfunding can take you to a whole new level. We believe it democratizes [capital raising] and provides an ability to scale. We believe the technology involved gives the form that people will adopt and the functionality that supports the business needs. And we believe that we’ve developed a solution to accommodate this demand,” added Beaman.


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