KoreClient Spotlight: Tech Chain Software

The trucking industry in the United States is a vital part of the economy, responsible for transporting trillions of dollars worth of goods each year. However, it is also an industry that has been plagued by inefficiencies and low productivity for many years. This is where Tech Chain Software and their ResQ TRX app come in, changing the game for truckers across the US.


The ResQ TRX app from Tech Chain Software is designed to help truckers be more efficient and productive, while also reducing downtime. It streamlines the entire repair process, allowing drivers, owners, and fleet managers to request and approve service, monitor vehicle and repair status, and send payments all through the app. This makes it easier and faster for truckers to get their trucks repaired, reducing downtime and helping the industry as a whole run more smoothly. By connecting trucking companies to dedicated services, ResQ TRX also provides new business to the service companies that keep America moving. This makes it a win-win for both truckers and the industry as a whole. Telha Ghanchi, the founder and CEO of Tech Chain Software, is passionate about helping and serving truckers, and ResQ TRX is his company’s way of doing just that.


As the owner of a small trucking company himself, he knows firsthand the pain that truck drivers and owners go through when a truck goes down. That’s why he created ResQ TRX, to make it an easier and more efficient process for all involved. From the smallest owner-operator to the largest fleets and logistics companies, ResQ TRX is changing the game for how trucking companies do business. The app helps truckers stay on the road by providing them with access to rescue trucks, mechanics, and other resources when they break down. Additionally, Reg CF benefits the company by allowing them to transform investors into brand ambassadors that truly believe in the company and its vision.


Mega carriers make up only a small fraction of the companies in the industry and have access to mega repair centers if their trucks break down. However, since the majority of the industry is made up of small businesses, they are often left relying on Google to find the help they need when their truck breaks down. And in remote places, especially in the US, you need to sometimes look miles away to find a mobile mechanic who can look at the project. Since many truck drivers don’t carry the cash on hand to pay for the services, payment is a significant issue at these times as well as the trust of not knowing the job that the person is going to do to fix your truck. 


“Every ten minutes you are late on a delivery it snowballs to how much the consumer pays. If you had three trucks and one of them breaks down you are losing 33% of your business,” said Ghanchi. With the trucking industry relying on invoices to be paid about 90 days after delivery, keeping operations afloat can be tricky when a truck is out of commission. This ultimately affects company owners, customers, and employees who rely on the shipment to be made on time.


As the market continues to grow, Ghanchi sees this as having a positive effect on truck drivers. A larger repair market will enhance repair service competition, allowing truck drivers to receive better repair pricing. Additionally, the company hopes to offer its debt function, with which the company will loan out the repair cost, allowing ResQ TRX to pay the mechanic and get the work done much faster to get back on the road instead of saving up money to fix this. This is one way they see they can make a huge impact on the industry. “If the truck is running the cash is rolling and they will have money to pay for [the loan],” said Ghanchi. “Our goal is to lower overall downtime in the trucking industry. We are also working with local trade schools to increase the capacity and mechanics of blue-collar workers. Mechanic shops can not take in more work without the resources so we are helping both sides, both the truckers to get their trucks back on the road quickly so they don’t go out of business and the mechanics so they can better serve this industry through ResQ TRX’s innovative solution.” 


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