KoreClient Spotlights: A Year in Review

At KoreConX, we love showcasing our innovative clients, who we believe are making a difference in the world, through our KoreClient Spotlight. Here are just a few of the clients we’ve had the pleasure of working with this past year.




Wealthcasa is looking to change the way everyday investors can access investment properties by leveraging Reg A+. Using its parent company’s experience with development and construction in the greater Toronto area, Wealthcasa aims to develop planned communities in areas such as Florida, Tennessee, and California. Wealthcasa also seeks to offer a rent-to-owner program that will allow people to build equity in their homes over time and eventually purchase the unit or share the accumulated value of the asset. Wealthcasa’s platform provides an accessible way for people to become investors in the real estate market. 


Consumer Cooperative Group


Consumer Cooperative Group (CCG) is an innovative real estate cooperative focused on creating jobs, generating revenue, and nurturing its local community. Founded by Tanen Andrews, the company has a mission to provide people a chance to be involved in business ownership and real estate investment. The CCG methodology is to purchase real estate, specifically in properties where tenants are already generating revenue, providing an immediate investment return while building a long-term wealth base. 


Tech Chain Software


Tech Chain Software is a provider of innovative technology solutions that drive efficiency, productivity, and safety in the trucking industry. The company provides a platform to connect truckers on the go to mobile repair services, giving them access to skilled mechanics quickly and conveniently. With Tech Chain’s cutting-edge technology, they can instantly connect drivers with certified mechanics, allowing them to get their trucks back on the road with minimal downtime. Their mobile repair services reduce trucking companies’ expenses and expedite repairs and payment processes. Additionally, Tech Chain Software is also committed to helping local trade schools increase their capacity by providing access to qualified mechanics, enabling blue-collar workers to serve this industry cost-effectively.


Orion Capital


Orion Capital is a private investment firm that provides equity crowdfunding opportunities to smaller investors. Utilizing Regulation CF, they offer high-quality investments that would otherwise be unavailable to the average person. Through their focus on main street investments, they provide exposure to various industries and strategies while minimizing risk by spreading investment across multiple assets. Their mission is to provide investors with attractive returns while helping to drive innovative solutions and positive change in the world.  


Budding Technologies


Budding Technologies, Inc. is a company that is changing the way the cannabis industry works. With their use of blockchain technology, they are helping customers verify the quality of the products being sold while also giving businesses valuable data about what products are being used in their area and providing users with insight into what cannabis products may be right for them. By utilizing their Connect dashboard and BudboTrax supply chain management system, companies can keep product information up to date and track the quality of cannabis products. This transparency allows customers to have confidence in the safety and quality of their purchases while businesses benefit from increased sales and reduced waste. 


Fist Assist

Fist Assist is a medical device company that has developed a product to help patients with poor arm circulation. The Fist Assist product is a battery-operated pneumatic focal compression device that can be worn for 1-2 hours a day to increase circulation and decrease present and future pain in your arm. The company is raising capital through RegCF to finance its future FDA submissions and commercialize its product. After being designated as an FDA Breakthrough for potential vein dilation to renal failure patients in December 2021, Fist Assist needs to formally show the FDA the complete dataset for eventual DeNovo authorization for the renal failure community. If successful, this device has the potential to significantly change the way physicians treat and care for renal failure patients with better outcomes and fewer costs. 




FirstString is a mobile application that enables college athletes to connect, find jobs and internships, and train for success after college. With FirstString, employers can post jobs and internships and search for qualified candidates. Candidates can create a profile with a video introduction, skills, experiences, and references, allowing employers to get to know the candidate before even meeting them. It makes the hiring process more efficient by removing the outdated paper resumé and allowing student-athletes to display the leadership ability and other skills they bring to the table, even if they don’t have as much employment or internship experience as their peers.




Stenergy is a company founded by Samuel and Leyla Butero, two entrepreneurs passionate about helping people. After their experience with Leyla’s health issues during her pregnancy, they decided to focus on the development of GluCora. This revolutionary product is a natural supplement that supports healthy glucose metabolism. To rapidly bring this product to market, they decided to utilize Regulation CF and embarked on a journey of inspiring individuals through their mission and shared experiences. Through their funding efforts, Stenergy hopes to create an ecosystem that connects investors and potential consumers with an innovative solution for those facing similar challenges. 




Facible is a medical technology company that has developed a technology that takes hospital-grade diagnostics out of the lab and to the point of care. The Q-LAAD technology enables the development of faster and more accurate diagnostic tests that are easier to run, which can expand testing capabilities to underserved and rural areas, urgent care, and other applications. The company found Reg A+ to be the most promising way to bring its vision to market while allowing those who have supported them to invest. 




Notarized.com is an online notarization platform transforming how people close real estate transactions, get documents notarized, and sign contracts remotely. Founded in 2016 by Omar Kubba, a second-generation title professional with over 20 years of sales experience in the title insurance industry, Notarized.com has developed a comprehensive suite of online notarization products and services for individuals and businesses. Through Notarized.com, customers can securely sign documents online with the click of a button, collaborate with other parties to get documents signed quickly and get paperwork notarized from anywhere in the world with its remote notary network. 


Durable Energy


Durable Energy is a company on a mission to make the transition to renewable energy easier and more accessible for everyone. They are focusing on creating more renewable energy-powered EV charging stations in the nation, offsetting the amount of energy produced by solar so that it can be stored and used when needed, and working on hydrogen fuel cells to provide a clean and renewable source of energy for cars and homes. Through Regulation CF, Durable Energy can connect with the end user who will be using these products, enabling them to become early investors in the infrastructure they will utilize.


Bullet ID


Based in Toronto, Canada, BulletID is a company that utilizes barcode technology to reduce gun violence by tracking ammunition. This company allows law enforcement and military personnel to instantly track essential information about a bullet, such as inventory, ownership history, manufacturer, and type. This is done through a barcode printed into the brass cartridge. With this information, it will be easier for authorities to trace a bullet back to its owner and determine if it was used in a crime. With BulletID, the process is as easy as scanning the cartridge on a smartphone. From anywhere worldwide, law enforcement and the military can see available details within 10 seconds.




HealthySole is dedicated to helping people live healthier lives by providing them with an easy-to-use, affordable solution to one of the most common problems in the world: shoes and floors that make our feet dirty and unhealthy. Their product, HealthySole PLUS, removes 99% of all germs, bacteria, and other contaminants from the soles of shoes. This is especially important in hospitals, where hospital-acquired infections can cause serious illness to patients. HealthySole helps to reduce the transmission of these illness-causing germs. 


McGinley Orthopedics


McGinley Orthopedics is a medical technology company specializing in developing and commercializing products that aid in the treatment of orthopedic injuries. During an orthopedic plate and screw surgery, the surgeon typically manually determines the depth of the screw, which can lead to further complications. The company’s IntelliSense Drill Technology® puts sensors in the tools that simultaneously measures depth, telling the surgeon what size screw to use, and has auto-stop features to help prevent plunging past the bone. 



Medical21 is a company founded by Manny Villafaña, an experienced entrepreneur who has successfully led seven IPOs. The company is looking to innovate how cardiac care and surgical procedures are delivered. Medical 21 has developed a small-diameter coronary artery graft to be used in heart bypass surgery. Instead of harvesting blood vessels from a patient’s legs, arms, and chest, the company has developed a synthetic graft. With Reg A+, the company aims to raise the capital to conduct clinical trials.


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