Portfolio Management

A consolidated view of all investments

Portfolio Management

With all investments visible in one location, companies and investors can efficiently manage various investment types from a convenient, easy to use dashboard.

Portfolio Management

Manage Your Investments With KoreConX



Manage all your investments from a centralized dashboard, giving you quick and easy access to your entire portfolio.



While being able to easily access your investment, investors can also receive reports, directly message the company and see upcoming meetings



The platform is visual and user-friendly, making it easy to access critical investment information without hassle.

Manage Holdings

Eliminate the hassle of managing investments

Centralized and simple

Shareholders can easily access all of their investments from one, user-friendly platform. With the ability to manage unlimited investments, shareholders can manage transactional details, company information, and communication for all investments.

Exercise shareholder rights

With the ability to send and receive messages, shareholders are notified of scheduled meetings, voting opportunities, and can exercise their right to vote on company decisions with integrated, online eVoting.

Access Information

Make better investments with detailed insights

Comprehensive company information

With all company information easily accessible, view the board and management teams and minute book documentation from one location. Plus, view detailed information on each transaction you’ve made to invest in private companies.

Stay updated

Strategically utilize reports, news, valuation statements, and more so that you can stay informed and make better investments.

Transfer & Trade

Modify your portfolio

With an integrated, registered transfer agent service, investors can safely and easily transfer and trade shares, without the wait, risk, or cost of traditional transfer agents.