The 1% Broker-dealer & What you need to ask!

When working with FINRA Broker-dealer, it’s not enough that they simply have the required licenses that are necessary, so make sure to ask some questions:

  • Are you registered in all 50 states
  • Are you register for RegA+

It is also key to understand what they actually do when you are raising capital. These are some of the basic questions you need to ask of them:

  • Who contacts the investor if payment does not go through?
  • Who contacts the investor if there is a problem with KYC (Know Your Client information)?
  • Who contacts the investor for IRA payments?
  • Who contacts the joint investors?
  • Who contacts the investor if there are problems with sub agreement?
  • Who contacts the investor if there are problems during the investment process?

Bottom line:  

As a company, do you need to do anything once the investor clicks submit to make their investment?

Answers is:   NO

You should be focusing on raising capital and the FINRA Broker-dealer (who charges 1% for compliance services) is responsible for doing all of the above compliance and +.


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