Role for Corporate Secretaries in Companies with Equity Crowdfunding?

The Corporate Secretary’s role to date has only been utilized, appreciated and well understood by listed companies and larger private company enterprises. Rules mandate their extensive role in corporate governance.

Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups however, have not seen the importance of this role in their business and have very little understanding on the value they bring.

Enter the meteoric rise of global #EquityCrowdFunding

The number of private companies seeking #equitycrowdfunding globally will grow to over the coming year to over 2 million. Legislation rising to govern #equitycrowdfunding will universally mandate that private and start-up companies use the need of corporate secretaries to keep minute books current, shares registered and other controls and procedures in place.

To date, private SMEs and start-ups have been restricted in their activities with very little governance or compliance responsibilities. However, if a private company or start-up wants to access #equitycrowdfunding they will need to follow new rules that regulators will put in place to protect investors including comprehensive transparency, governance and compliance requirements.

Private and start-up companies will remain private but with new regulations requirements, notably record keeping. Securities regulators have identified this area as critical. Gone are the days of managing your minute book, corporate records via a simple spread sheet in an email or drop box environment. New tools are needed.

KoreConX Enables the Corporate Secretary

KoreConX is a leader in providing a all-in-0ne business platform for FREE, helping private companies manage complex information assisting them with ever expanding governance and compliance requirements.

Importantly, KoreConX can help corporate secretaries manage corporate records, the capitalization table of private companies and more broadly shareholder expectations.

KoreConX is merely the tool, now we need to get corporate secretaries trained to provide this service to clients in Europe, Asia, South America, Middle East, Canada, Australia, and USA. To that end, KoreConX  is creating a global database of Corporate Secretaries who are seeking additional clients and have an interest in #equity crowdfunding.

If you are a Corporate Secretary or would like to become one click here to register on database and to receive a brief on how your role will expand in the age of #equitycrowdfunding.

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