KorePartner Spotlight: Richard Heft, President of Ext. Marketing

Richard Heft is the President at Ext. Marketing, a full-service marketing firm that helps companies attract potential investors to apply their marketing strategy and achieve their communications objectives. Richard has over 20 years of experience in the marketing and communications industry, focusing on the financial services sector. In 2021, Richard and his co-author published The Ascendant Advisor, a book about marketing and content strategies for advisors to grow their businesses. 


We recently sat down with Richard to discuss his company, experience, and partnership with KoreConX.


Q: Why did you become involved in this industry?

A: Ext. has spent almost a decade and a half helping financial services firms translate their business objectives into cutting-edge marketing campaigns for the retail and institutional spaces. During this time, we also began to recognize that we would truly be a full-service marketing leader if we could help our clients reach a limitless number of online retail investors through various social channels. The power of these retail investors is that they not only have an almost unlimited appetite to consume information online, but they are also able to invest how they want, when they want, and where they want on the increasing number of self-managed platforms. We launched Ext. Digital to help companies in virtually all industries identify their target retail audience, create messaging that will resonate with that audience, and tailor their conversion funnel to ensure their brands and investment offerings stand out in a somewhat crowded marketplace.


Q: What services does your company provide for offerings?

A: We offer end-to-end digital marketing strategies, content creation, media activation, and ad buys. We also provide access to our proprietary financial influencer network to help amplify the audience for our client’s news and updates.


Q: What are your unique areas of expertise?

A: Beyond our unparalleled content creation and transparency regarding their ad spend, our clients benefit from our constant A/B testing & optimization approach to ensure their media dollars are continuously put to best use.


Q: What excites you about this industry?

A: There is a lot that excites me about this industry! I strongly believe that, even when the global economy looks uncertain, there is a massive opportunity for companies looking to raise capital to reach the right people with their stories. And the people they are reaching have never been more motivated and able to invest in the opportunities that appeal to them.


Q: How is a partnership with KoreConX right for your company?

A: KoreConX has always been an excellent, reliable partner to Ext. Digital. We have been thrilled to introduce our clients to KoreConX’s holistic platform, given the trust we have in Oscar, Peter, and the entire KoreConX team, and we have worked with many companies that we know are going to be leaders in their respective industries as a result of introductions made by KoreConX.


Q: Anything else you would like to add about RegA, RegCF, or any other topic you might find relevant for your company, our partnership, and the ecosystem you are part of?

A: I encourage any company exploring a capital raise through a Reg A, Reg D, or Reg CF issue to find partners they can trust over their entire journey. I firmly believe Ext. Digital is the ideal digital marketing partner for any company looking to take the next step in its journey.


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