KoreClient Spotlight: Durable Energy

Durable Energy is on a mission to expand access to renewable energy and electric vehicle (EV) charging across the country. Partnered with  dealerships, parts companies, and other key service providers in the automotive industry, Durable Energy is decentralizing energy so everyone can have access to clean energy and offset their utility bills. We recently spoke with Xavone Charles and Anastasia Rivodeaux about the mission of Durable Energy and how Reg CF is helping them get there. 


Improving EV Infrastructure with Durable Energy


Currently, 60.8% of all electricity in the US is generated from fossil fuels. The output of this electricity production is 1.55 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide, which contributes significantly to global climate change. Renewable energy only accounts for 20.1% of the total energy produced, in part because of its perceived cost.  So increasing the accessibility and affordability of renewable energy sources can help to make renewables more competitive, thus reducing reliance on carbon-heavy sources. That’s the vision of Durable Energy, a company dedicated to transitioning the way we live, starting with EV.


Durable Energy believes in a 3 step plan to achieve its goal of energy decentralization:


  1. They are focusing on creating more renewable energy-powered EV charging stations in the nation, not only in the city but in rural locations and at businesses like dealerships. This will help increase the number of EVs on the road and provide people with a place to charge their vehicles when they are away from home.
  2. They are working to offset the amount of energy produced by solar so that it can be stored and used when the sun isn’t shining. This will help to make renewable energy more reliable and allow it to be used even when, and where, the weather isn’t cooperating. While southwestern states may have an abundance of sunlight, with this technology, that energy can be stored and transferred to the East Coast, where they have more of a need for it.
  3. Hydrogen systems are the future of cars and homes. By focusing on hydrogen fuel cells, Durable Energy will be able to provide a clean and renewable source of energy that can power both homes and vehicles. This will help to reduce reliance on fossil fuels as well as help reduce emissions from cars and trucks.


Changing EV with Reg CF


With Durable Energy, any dealership can open its own charging facility for private and public use. People could pay for a membership to have a certain amount of energy per month. “We are a part of a global transition. Everyone in the renewable energy space is trying to figure out how to tackle this large hurdle. Through Regulation CF, the end users who benefit from this technology can be a part of this as well,” said Xavone Charles from Durable Energy.


Through RegCF, Durable Energy can connect with the end user who will be using these products, enabling them to become early investors in the very infrastructure that they will utilize. “The existing grid is pretty much a monopoly. We’re building the new grid, the new infrastructure, and the new principles, and we want people to be a part of it. Our goal is to make EV transition in the US possible,” said Anastasia Rivodeaux of Durable Energy.


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