How Does Social Media Impact RegCF Offerings?

Social Media Impact

Reg CF allows companies to raise up to $5 million through an SEC-registered intermediary.  Since increasing this limit from $1.07 million in 2021, private companies have raised over $1 billion in Reg CF offerings. This highlights Reg CF’s incredible success in opening the doors to capital for these issuers. For many of these offerings, social media is a key component to success by increasing investor awareness and conducting a successful offering.


Social Media’s Impact on Reg CF


Social media is essential for companies looking to make a Reg CF offering. It can build awareness and interest among institutional and retail investors and help generate traffic to their offering’s listing on a funding portal or the broker-dealer who hosts the offering. It can expand your crowdfunding campaign’s reach using social tools to raise more money.


As soon as companies file their Form C with the SEC, they can begin to communicate outside the funding platform about their offering. However, they must be careful about what they say. They are limited to communications that don’t mention the terms of the offering and “tombstone” communications. Issuers can continue marketing their product or service as usual, as securities regulations understand that the issuer still is running a business and trying to generate a profit. After the Form C has been filed, issuers can also increase the amount of marketing materials they create, as long as they follow SEC guidelines. Issuers are also subject to anti-fraud rules, even in non-terms communications.


Capitalizing on Campaigns


Building awareness and interest in your Reg CF offerings using social media, you reach investors who may have been unaware of opportunities to invest. Thanks to Reg CF,  startups and established companies alike can get started fundraising quickly with lower initial costs than traditional methods of raising capital. When combined with social media, the result is an effective way to get the word about the raise to many people hoping that they turn into an investor.


It has been made clear that social media and mobile marketing are necessary parts of Reg CF offerings. Social media marketing is an increasingly important part of any company’s digital strategy, so having these platforms as part of Reg CF efforts will give issuers the best chance for success with campaigns. It also helps businesses target their current audience to invest in their offering.


Social media is an excellent tool for companies to use when making Reg CF offerings. Whether you are looking to raise more money or get the word out about your company, social media can be used in various ways that will help your business grow and succeed with Reg CF.

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