Why Digital Marketing is The Key to “Always Raising” Capital

In a recent webinar with StartEngine, Kevin O’Leary succinctly said, “great companies that are growing need money, and they should get it.”


With today’s unparalleled changes, raising capital in many ways is much easier said than done. Many great ideas are having a uniquely difficult time raising the money to fuel their vision.


Radical economic change due to COVID vastly disrupted the venture capital markets by 57%—a start-up’s traditional source of funding.


Rather than making new investments, Kevin summed, “venture capital firms are focused on making life and death decisions within their own portfolio.” Which means venture opportunity is sparse, and entrepreneurs are left wondering, “where can I turn for funding?”


The good news is there’s a silver lining and it’s called equity crowdfunding.

Traditional Venture Capital is Shifting Towards Online Equity Crowdfunding Platforms


Equity crowdfunding, or selling small shares of a company to the everyday (non-accredited) investor started not too long ago when the Title III section of the JOBS Act was passed in 2017.


Now, when venture capital is failing, more entrepreneurs are looking to the crowd of the everyday investors to fund their business in exchange for offerings like promissory notes, convertible notes, SAFE agreements, and revenue shares.


Everyday investors can invest in businesses through one of many equity crowdfunding platforms such as Wefunder, StartEngine, and MicroVentures. Since the platforms and investors are solely online, it means that businesses must have a strong online presence and digital marketing plan to meet their raise goals.


It means a brand trying to disrupt the market with a game-changing idea, must have an equally innovative online marketing strategy. For instance, say you’re trying to raise the full Reg CF cap of one million dollars when on average an everyday investor invests a minimum of $150 into your company. You’ll need to be backed by 6,667 investors.


But the real question is how do I drive awareness and attract the number of investors in the first place?


That’s where digital marketing comes in.


Digital Marketing Lets You Tap Into the Growing Everyday Investor Community


Most entrepreneurs make the mistake of believing that if they post a raise video, write engaging copy, post an interesting graphic, and that the investors will flood in from the crowdfunding platform. Wrong.


As an expert in digital marketing for crowdfunding campaigns, I see this mindset often. When entrepreneurs ask why their equity crowdfunding campaign failed, the answer is always the same—the offering was not marketed enough and the brand did not have a strong enough presence online.


Digital marketing mitigates both and helps drive accredited and everyday investors to their raise page with proper testing, optimation, and scaling.

Because here’s the thing:


Equity crowdfunding platforms are digitally native, which means new everyday investors that are not a part of your existing network or family, must be found online. Thus, failing to target and nurture an online audience with a closely managed digital marketing strategy is not only failing to plan, but it’s also planning to fail.


Accredited Investors Want to See a Strong Digital Marketing Strategy


The beauty of equity crowdfunding is that any campaign can still pique the interest of accredited investors and inspire them to fund you. We all know that a single large investment can take your campaign to the next level, thus it’s paramount to make your campaign as attractive as possible to them.


One of the best ways to do so is to show a strong digital marketing strategy that drives investor interest and audience growth. Your marketing strategy not only shows investors why you’ll succeed, but also highlights your ability to find, capture, and convert your target audience.


Digital Marketing Can Turn $1K into $1M During an Equity Crowdfunding Campaign


As more of the world log online to cope with the new norm and as venture capital slowly recovers, private investing is dramatically shifting


Equity crowdfunding is in the spotlight, giving everyday people the power to invest in potentially the next Uber or Instagram but also back the problems they’re passionate about—all while helping entrepreneurs keep their business growing and their dreams alive.


If equity crowdfunding is the door to always raising capital through and beyond this pandemic, then digital marketing is the key.


With its native abilities to connect people, build trust, and tell stories, digital marketing is uniquely positioned to help any start-up looking to scale, find new users and investors from around the world.


Thus, digital marketing is an essential part of your campaign, and it’s important to work with the right professionals who know how to create the right strategy, target the right investors, and find the right message.


Remember, turning on some ads and writing a few blog posts won’t cut it. Scaling your business with digital marketing takes time, constant testing, monitoring, and creativity. From experience we can’t emphasize enough that you start early in your campaign, don’t give up, and always be raising

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