Why Are Brand Ambassadors Valuable Investors?


When it comes to raising capital, it’s important to think outside the box. The JOBS Act created a new type of investor a “brand ambassador”, with whom companies should build strong relationships to help the business grow. This community of investors can be extremely valuable for your company, capital raise, or product. Brand ambassadors are often passionate and can connect with others, which can help promote a product or investment opportunity. Because of this, brand ambassadors can often be valuable investors, especially when it comes to RegA+ and RegCF offerings.


The value of brand ambassadors when raising capital


Brand ambassadors can be defined as individuals that have a vested interest in the success of a company or product. They are often passionate about the company and its mission, and they work to promote the company and its products to their friends, family, and online followers. Because of these attributes, they are also valuable investors, as they can help a company raise capital through their investment dollars and in-person or online networks.


They can use their social media platforms to promote the company, which can help drive sales and bring attention to capital raises. However, brand ambassadors themselves can be seen as value investors because of their connection to a brand and their willingness to invest in a company they already believe in. When a brand ambassador invests in a company through RegA+ or RegCF, they show not only their belief in the company but also their faith in its future success.


By investing their own money in the company, brand ambassadors can help it raise the capital it needs to grow and succeed. And as the company grows, so does the value of the brand ambassador’s investment, and they share this excitement and are often more willing to invest in subsequent offerings or drive others to invest. Brand ambassadors are thus extremely valuable investors for companies using RegA+ or RegCF to raise capital.


Increased capital raises with the help of ambassadors


Brand ambassadors help promote a company because of their affinity towards an organization, which can be just as helpful with raising capital. These individuals may often be the first to invest in your capital raise because they already believe in your company.


Ambassadors can also help a company by providing feedback, product testing, and market research to help improve the product before raising capital. Furthermore, they may already have an established relationship with key influencers in the same industry as the company they’re investing in. Some key benefits for companies when brand ambassadors invest in them are:

  • The brand ambassador brings not only money to the table but also invaluable social capital.
  • The powerful brand ambassadors can help the company save on marketing costs.
  • The brand ambassador can be a powerful voice in promoting the company to their networks.
  • The brand ambassador is invested in the company’s success and future.


While there are many different types of crowdfunding, one that has been particularly successful for early-stage companies is RegCF and RegA+. One of the benefits of raising capital through these methods is that they provide companies with access to a wider pool of potential investors. By seeking to build relationships with brand ambassadors, companies can tap into a new pool of potential investors and benefit from the social capital that brand ambassadors can provide.


The future of capital


Helping with everything from spreading awareness to bringing in new investors, brand ambassadors can be key players in a successful raise. As a good example, Piestro has effectively utilized brand ambassadors using the exemptions. This company was able to raise significant amounts of capital and grow its business with the help of passionate brand advocates.


Brand ambassadors are valuable investors because they have a personal stake in the company and its success. They can be influential in promoting the company to their social media followers, and other potential investors or simply contributing to capital raises themselves.

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