What is Investor Acquisition?

What is investor acquisition

If you’re a company that is in the process of raising funds for your business, you’re likely looking to do so with the help of investors. By trading a piece of your company in exchange for some much-needed capital, you can fund your ideas and the growth of your business. With Regulation A+ opening up the investor pool to include those who would not be regularly included in a traditional IPO, it is essential to choose the right investors with whom you are going to grow your business. As investors become shareholders that often have some kind of say in the company, it will be important to choose investors that will aid you on your journey to grow your company. But how exactly do you find the right investor for you and your company’s vision?


Investor acquisition is targeting the best investors for the offering based on their demographics. Are you trying to raise money from your customers or people with similar behaviors? Are you targeting investors based on location, age, or other demographics? With investor acquisition, it allows companies to find and target the investors that will be best suited for the offering. If companies are targeting the investors that are most likely to invest, less time is wasted and more money is raised by eliminating the need to interact with those who aren’t going to invest.


Additionally, through investor acquisition, you can turn current customers into investors and investors into customers. With the addition of RegA+ to issuers’ toolbox, the ability to raise money from customers is now easier than ever. The customers who already know and support you can turn into important advocates for your company, which in turn can entice either more investors or customers to support your company.  Through RegA+, investors are not required to be accredited, so everyday people now have the opportunity to invest in companies that they believe in and support.


Once you’ve found investors to invest in your offering, keeping proper records of them will be essential to long-term success. Issuers need to manage their cap table, maintain investor relations, perform securities transfers in a compliant way, transfer agent, and more. With the KoreConX all-in-one platform, companies can securely manage who their investors are, issue shareholder certificates, and maintain their cap table in real-time, as changes occur. For investors, they can securely manage their portfolio of investments, receive important company information, and vote on company matters. With the platform, companies can maintain compliance and manage their information seamlessly.


Once you’ve decided to raise capital for your company, the next most important should be who you are going to raise the money from. With the help of investor acquisition, you can analyze information about your target so that you can best understand their behavior and what will get them to invest. Making smarter decisions about who you want investment from will help your company grow in the direction that you see best.

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