The Death of the ICO and the RISE of #TAO


The term ICO has been very confusing to the investing market, even those selling ICOs have no understanding of it — when you start asking questions people give you a look like a deer caught in headlights. So, what does ICO stand for?

#ICO = Initial Coin Offering


The most famous coin in the world is the “Bitcoin” there are many others but it’s the one that started it all.

So, the question is, of the 254 registered ICOs how many of them are COIN offerings vs TOKEN offerings?

Over 90% of the ICO’s in 2017 were actually Initial TOKEN Offering (ITO) but in a frenzy the term did not catch on and the market got misled creating confusion between tokens and coins.

Maturing through 2018:

With the banning of ICOs by Facebook and more organizations to follow, the term has become tainted creating both a perception and image issue.

For companies who are going to launch their TOKEN offering then it’s time for the market to be informed properly of what you are doing. Take the first step.


There are two types of TOKEN Offerings and you must clearly identify this. The market has awaken and you can no longer afford to play coy with the market.

Utility Token

(use the term ITO “Initial Token Offering” to reflect your offering, the purchasers of your token will automatically know what you are selling and what to expect)


Security Token

(Use TAO “Token Asset Offering” or STO “Security Token Offering” this will help investors understand the investment opportunity you are presenting

2018 is the year of the TAO and companies like FileCoin, and KodackCoin have shown that the market is ready and prepared to invest in these tokens that are properly structured and articulated to the market.

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