Meet the KorePartners: Michel Aliphon, SME Brokers

This week we are launching a special series to introduce you to our KorePartners. These are the people and companies who share KoreConX’s governance standards, such as Investor Protection, Compliance, Integration, Security, and Efficiency.

We believe that behind every great company there are great people, and each of those people has a unique story to tell. We will be publishing a series of short interviews introducing who our KorePartners are and what they think about the startup industry, blockchain technology, legislation and more.


Michel Aliphon, Managing Director at SME Brokers

Born in: Curepipe, Mauritius.
Based in: Perth, Australia.

What was your first job?

My first job was Futures Broker with a Malaysian based company.


How and when did you get involved in the business industry?

I completed my bachelor of commerce degree in Economics and Finance and started my career with Citibank Limited as an Executive Manager in 1994.


How do you see the Small and Medium Enterprises scene today?

The Australian SME Scene today is struggling to make ends meet, due to the tightening of monetary policy and the government realizing they need to intervene to assist SME’s to grow to create more employment. About 80% of Australian SME’s are worried about cash-flow.


In that aspect, is it possible to have an idea of what the next five years will bring?

Recently, the Australian Federal Government announced a new AUD $2 billion Australian Business Securitisation Fund to help provide additional funding to SME lenders, realizing SME’s are the backbone of the economy and SME’s find it difficult to obtain finance other than on a secured basis.

The new Australian crowdfunding amendment legislation bill passed in 2018, will also assist SME access non-bank funding which will further ease cashflow restrictions placed on SME’s making the next 5 years a better and brighter future for SME’s     


What does your company bring to the KorePartners Ecosystem?

SME Brokers bring a nationwide distribution network of qualified and dedicated SME Brokers whose primary role is to assist SME’s with their startup and exit succession plans, making them aware of the many opportunities available through the KoreConX Platform as they expand their business locally, nationally and potentially globally.


What is it about the partnership with KoreConX that most aligns with your company strategy?

The ability of the KoreConX Platform to provide SME’s the opportunity to streamline their business processes, preparing for the challenges ahead that come with economies of scale.