Blockchain Radio’s one on one with KoreConX Chief Scientist/Technology Officer

This is a rare occasion to have our very own Dr. Kiran Garimella interviewed by Blockchain Radio’s Pierre Bourque, a leading talk show host for blockchain enthusiasts.

Kiran highlights the need for trust, compliance, and investor protection in the private capital markets. This is why the participants on the KoreChain and the owners of KoreNodes, launched in 23 countries, are regulated entities who are subject to stringent compliance requirements and who have to take on fiduciary responsibilities. 

Kiran explains how the global private capital markets are fragmented, yet the world is becoming globalized and there is a need for cross-jurisdictional opportunities. KoreChain has a large knowledge base on worldwide regulations to help the participants safely navigate through complex securities transactions.

KoreConX is not in the business of risky disruption and disintermediation. Trying to dominate this ecosystem will not work. KoreConX’s Infrastructure of Trust welcomes all reputable participants, including the regulators. KoreConX has already seeded this Infrastructure with an integrated suite of compliance-related applications that are in active use in thousands of companies. Kiran points out that rather than excluding, all are welcome because the Infrastructure of Trust and the all-in-one platform is ‘all about you.’

Hear the lively dialog between Blockchain.Radio’s Pierre Bourque and Dr. Kiran Garimella: