Call Centers for RegA+

A call center can be extremely helpful for companies looking to raise capital through a Reg A+ offering. By having a dedicated call center, businesses can easily keep track of all the investors who are interested in their company and ensure that they are meeting all compliance requirements. Additionally, a call center can assist investors with forms. This can help to build trust with potential investors and increase the chances of a successful raise. 

For companies using RegA+, prioritizing compliance is essential for a successful offering; a non-compliant raises risks of SEC penalties. This can be a daunting task for companies, as there are many different regulations to keep track of, and some of these rules have implications for the call center. 


In this regard, the call center cannot act like a broker-dealer, which means they cannot sell securities. If the investor has questions about whether or not an offering would be a good investment decision, the call center cannot answer this. However, if the issuer noticed that a potential investor was filling out a form that was not completed, a call center could reach out and see if there was a technical or logistic issue that the investor was experiencing, such as where they could find a routing number or where to fill in other important information. 


Still, the call center can direct the investor to resources like the offering circular if they have questions about the investment and its risk. And if the issuer has placed a firm focus on compliance, the offering circular should be a significant source of information for investors to make their decision based on their risk tolerance.


A call center can also yield useful, practical information about the market, by noticing and reporting patterns about the sorts of questions clients are asking. Similarly, if there are trouble spots in an online application that are a source of confusion, the feedback from a call center can help to identify them and suggest improvements.


These are just a few of the ways a call center can be helpful in a company’s Reg A+ offering and beyond. We interviewed Sara Hanks for a KoreTalkX in which she mentioned the topic. Learn more here:


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