Quarterbacks: Their Role and Why They’re Essential for Your RegA+ Raise

In the world of Reg A+, quarterbacks are essential to a successful offering. They play a critical role in the overall success of an offering, and their importance should not be underestimated. This article will explore the role of the quarterback and explain why they are so crucial for Reg A+. 


What is a Reg A+ Quarterback?


A quarterback works with issuers to advise and bring the necessary players to the table in a RegA+ offering. They are essential to ensure everything goes smoothly, lending their capital raising expertise to aid issuers on their capital raising journey. Without a quarterback, a company can easily overlook the nuances and complexities of securities regulations. A quarterback’s role is to manage and monitor the entire process. Doug Ruark, founder and president of Regulation D Resources Enterprises, Inc., defines the role of the quarterback as someone who has got to “work with clients that are looking to execute a securities offering, and need to get everything structured. Companies need to get all of their offering documents drafted, they need to go through the filing process with the SEC. And then, typically, a quarterback provides compliance support as they, company and quarterback, move forward and execute their offering”.


For a company to file with the SEC under RegA+, it must go through qualified testing. This is where a company’s financials, management team, and other factors are analyzed. A quarterback is essential in this process as they can provide valuable insight and knowledge about the company. Without a quarterback, a company may be at risk of not being fully prepared for this vital step.


The Importance of a Quarterback


A quarterback is a crucial part of any capital raising activity. They will be a valuable asset in the process and can help you avoid any costly mistakes. Some key QB responsibilities include:

  • Provide non-legal advisory services to management teams
  • Coordinate fundraising efforts with online platforms or crowdfunding portals
  • Facilitate communication between issuers and financial professionals like broker-dealers
  • Assist with due diligence
  • Work with marketing teams to establish marketing strategies
  • Other services to streamline the offering


Reg A+ Raises and QBs


By preparing well for a Reg A+ offering with a quarterback, companies can put their best foot forward and make a strong impression on potential investors. Having a well-coordinated team in place is critical, as is having all the necessary documentation and financials. Quarterbacks play an essential role in ensuring all the pieces are in place and working together smoothly so that when it comes time to present to investors, companies can do so with confidence. Quarterbacks can help their companies make a successful Reg A+ offering and attract the funding they need to grow by taking the time to do things right from the start.


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