Managing Cap Table for FREE#May 25, 2017

New York, NY ( May 25, 2017) KoreConX, launches capitalization table management tool for private companies worldwide. Because managing your cap table properly will save you thousands when you need to raise capital, perform a merger or acquisition, or go public through an IPO or RTO.

KoreConX CapTable Management tool, is for any size of company from startup to high growth. There is no other tool today that helps you manage all your companies securities and able to invite your shareholders to view their information, here is some features:

  • Manage all securities
  • Manage your options and warrants
  • Track your loans, debentures, SAFE’s, and CrowdSAFE’s
  • All transactions linked to the underlying documents
  • Provide shareholders access to their investment information

“After successfully raising our seed round we found ourselves having to manage our shareholders. KoreConX all-in-one platform allows us to manage our cap table and shareholders all in one place, and the best part all of this is free..” Laura Wagner, Founder, CEO Digitzs

Our goal at KoreConX for a very long time has been to deliver a complete all-in-one platform to help companies manage their business and each new module we add is to deliver on that promise. “Today more companies are re-thinking their strategy on what tools they need for their business and we are finally moving into the era of ALL-IN-ONE. One company that is leading the path in this in social media is Tencent with WeChat. Our goal is to be the WeChat for companies around the globe”, said Oscar A Jofre Co-Founder, KoreConX.

About KoreConX
KoreConX is a free all-in-one business platform that helps companies navigate and efficiently manage all their corporate business activities. We keep the Kore of your business (your corporate information and your stakeholders) organized, accessible, secure, and up-to-date, allowing for easy collaboration. It’s better governance for better companies.

Our secure, integrated and efficient platform is a multi-tool for companies to properly organize, manage, and share corporate information. We help companies stay transparent with shareholders, and create good will.

We allow companies to efficiently manage corporate records with essential integrated tools and services. Your information is proactively organized and cross linked so the process of raising capital is easier.

More information is available at

Oscar A Jofre
Co-Founder, CEO, KoreConX