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A trustworthy Platform for every participant in the private capital market. We make raising capital more simple and turned investing online safer.

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Who is this for?

  • Issuers (Companies)
  • FINRA Broker-dealers
  • Investors
  • Funding Portals
  • Law firms
  • Accountants
  • Investor Acquisition Firms
  • Audit Firms
  • Consultants, Quarterbacks

An All-In-One platform for private companies.

End-to-end solution for all stages of growth, collaboration/communication with all stakeholders, maintain compliance, equity management, manage fund raises, and more.

From KYC, AML, investor verification, eSignature, payment, and a compliance platform, KoreConX simplifies the processes of issuance, investing, shareholder management and communication.

Everything inside trustworthy, safe and compliant infrastructure and ecosystem of KorePartners

From Capital Raise to Community

Build Strong Investor Ties

  • Simplify capital raise processes.
  • Save on costs, enhance investor relationships.
  • Leverage global compliance expertise.

What do we provide?

KoreConX is a cutting-edge platform designed to empower businesses in their journey toward growth and success

Cap Table

Easily manage and update your cap table with detailed transactions, complete with documents linked to each shareholder’s profile.


See a full view of all your investments in one centralized location, allowing you to access company information, investment details, documents, and more.

Shareholder Communications

The all-in-one platform allows companies to easily manage shareholder communication, organize meetings, generate reports, news releases and more.


Manage your offering from pre(before going live), During (Live), Post (Offering closed), and gain insight into your investors real-time


One place to hold all your corporate records to keep your board directors, officers of the company up to date.

Issuance Platform

An end-to-end, private label solution for managing RegA+ and RegD type investments. Complete AML, KYC, ID verification, tracking of investors, and more with an All-In-One solution.

Transfer Agent

KoreConX’s SEC-registered transfer agent (KoreTransfer USA LLC) service allows for share transfers to be managed and performed with ease and without the wait, risk, or cost.


See a full view of all your investments in one centralized location, allowing you to access company information, investment details, documents, and more.

Compliance Desk

Tools to empower broker-dealers and chief compliance officers to simplify compliance through the KYC and issuer verification processes.


As a KorePartner, serve as a trusted advisor to companies in the global private capital market while accessing new opportunities.

Infrastructure of Trust

The first fully permissioned, highly secure blockchain infrastructure for fully compliant, worldwide digital securities.


An AI-based, global blockchain platform that manages the full lifecycle of tokenized securities to ensure compliance with securities regulation and corporate law in multiple jurisdictions globally.


KoreNodes are a mechanism for entities that are regulated in at least one jurisdiction to participate in the KoreChain.


Non-Fungible Tokens are used to represent ownership interest in one-of-a-kind digital representation of assets, whether physical or digital.


A stablecoin is a digital (crypto) currency that is pegged to a reserve asset that is deemed to be relatively stable.

Digital Securities

When it comes to Digital Securities, we need to talk about blockchain, a distributed ledger technology that has revolutionized the way records and information are stored.

Security Token

With digital securities, investors may receive “tokens,” which are registered investment vehicles and represent ownership in a company.

We are all about education to
power people through private capital markets

Founded in 2016, KoreConX provides the first secure online infrastructure for private companies to conveniently and compliantly manage every aspect of their capital market activities, from issuing securities to shareholder relations. Investors, broker-dealers, law firms, accountants and investor acquisition firms all leverage our ecosystem solution. KoreConX also maintains the largest online library of educational content to help companies navigate their capital-raising journey.

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