KoreConX Helps Equity & Debt Crowdfunding Portals Accept Investment by Credit Card#May 19, 2016

TORONTO, ON–(Marketwired – May 19, 2016) – Equity Crowdfunding has made early-stage investment into growing companies accessible to ordinary investors, and now KoreConX has made it even easier. Investors will be able to use VISA or MasterCard to help fund innovative companies pursuing equity crowdfunding.

Canada is the first country in the world to offer equity crowdfunding investment via VISA or MasterCard, and KoreConX is the only system offering this service to equity and debt portals, so that Canadian companies can grow. The key to KoreConX is compliance, making sure all stakeholders have access to a seamless, trusted system to process this form of payment.

“KoreConX is built to make it easier for companies and equity & debt portals to access capital, and in order to achieve that goal, we’ve worked to unite all of the tools, services, and expertise that companies need to facilitate the process. The ability to allow credit card payment with VISA or MasterCard is the natural evolution,” said Manuj Grover, Director Business Development Canada.

Enabling multiple forms of payment is essential to truly democratizing investment in Canada, since it allows investors to take advantage of opportunities they might not otherwise be able to. KoreConX is working to keep companies compliant and investors protected, by safeguarding the checks and balances of payment.

Why Companies Need KoreConX

The integrated tools and services platform, available at www.koreconx.com, saves companies time and helps reduce legal fees by having all the required corporate documents proactively organized, while allowing organizations to efficiently manage corporate records. KoreConX makes onboarding and dealflow screening for equity crowdfunding portals much easier while ensuring issuers are prepared for due diligence, reporting regularly and managing shareholders properly.

Why Equity Portals Need KoreConX

Portals are responsible for conducting due diligence on each company that wants to list on their portal. Doing this to the highest standards is where they get the edge and the reputation they need to succeed. This is a major undertaking, and time consuming when companies come unprepared and in large numbers. Portals serve the company and the investor, and protect the best interests of both with good due diligence. The investor will remain with the portal long after the company has raised its money, therefore the portal operators want to make sure their investors are being well taken care of by the companies they have just helped in raising their capital. We help save equity crowdfunding portals time, increase deal flow, and make regulatory compliance easy.

What KoreConX Provides

KoreConX provides the infrastructure and eco-system for companies to efficiently manage their business while maintaining proper governance, transparency and compliance. The highly secure platform provides a suite of tools and services that centralizes and streamlines governance functions, ensuring that corporate information is always up to date while helping companies from start to finish during the process of Pre-During-Post regulated crowdfunding transactions.

Companies can use the KoreConX platform to organize and share their company information with portal operators, through a single point of entry, allowing them to comprehensively manage their equity raise without leaving the platform. Once the capital raising round is complete, KoreConX helps companies manage and communicate with their shareholders, practicing good governance as they grow.

How to Get Started

Initially, companies go through a simple, one time setup. This provides a perfect starting point for companies seeking to raise capital via capital markets or crowdfunding. This single point of entry allows for easy application to several different portals, as companies input data once and the information is then in the KoreConX system. KoreConX has integrated the collective skill sets of a wide range of partners, including iDisclose, EarlyIQ, AlgoValue, CrowdCheck, and others into the platform.

KoreConX is built with due diligence and current compliance requirements in mind, making reporting easy with a secure offsite data center presence that cross-links information, and ensures that the right people have access to all the right information when they need it. KoreConX is certified by VeriSign. With KoreConX, all parties will be able to see and edit documents in real time, making version control easier and reducing legal fees. KoreConX is perfect for companies that prefer to focus on running their business rather than being distracted by the process of complying with ever-changing regulatory obligations.

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About KoreConX

KoreConX is a free all-in-one solution that helps companies navigate the process of raising equity capital, and simplifies shareholder communications to reduce risk. The KoreConX eco-system empowers stakeholders (regulated crowdfunding portals, shareholders, board directors, CEO, CFO, corporate secretary, lawyers, auditors, investor relations, members and 3rd party providers) to manage corporate information from a Single Point of Entry within a secure, hosted application that results in efficient and transparent corporate governance. More information is available at www.koreconx.com.


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