Private Capital Trends for the Cannabis Industry

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, so does the need for new methods of raising capital. Revenues have doubled over the past three years, and the industry is on track to reach $25 billion annually by 2025, or $14.1 billion for CBD alone, but traditional methods such as bank loans and private equity are often unavailable to cannabis businesses, forcing them to turn to the private market for capital. While often more flexible and forgiving than the public market, the private market can be a challenging place to raise capital without the knowledge and experience. 


The Constantly Growing Industry of Cannabis


The cannabis industry is changing, and new opportunities for entrepreneurs are coming. Thanks to the JOBS Act, businesses in the cannabis industry can now use regulations like A+ and CF to raise capital from the general public. This offers several advantages, particularly the ability to reach a larger pool of investors and thus raise larger sums of money.


However, the most significant advantage of Reg A+ is that it allows businesses to retain more control over their company. Traditional methods of raising capital typically require businesses to give up a larger share of their equity. This is especially beneficial for businesses in the cannabis industry, which is still in its early stages and is constantly changing. With Reg A+, companies can raise capital from the general public while avoiding the costly process of going public. With more control over their company, and the ability to avoid costly IPOs, firms in the cannabis industry can better position themselves for success.


Investing in the Private Cannabis Market


The private market for cannabis investments is growing rapidly as the legalization of cannabis spreads throughout the US. Entrepreneurs are looking to get in on the ground floor of this new industry, and there are several options available to them when it comes to investing in cannabis. 


Private CBD companies, such as Stigma Cannabis and UNITY Wellness, are turning to online capital raising to fund their growth. These diverse companies focus on many aspects of the industry, from CBD supplements to CBD skincare products, and represent only two of many companies innovating in this space. Regulations A and CF provide excellent opportunities for these companies and the investors looking to support them. 


Getting started as an investor in the rapidly evolving private cannabis industry can be scary, but it’s also an exciting opportunity with many challenges and rewards. You can make the most of this unique opportunity by educating yourself on the process and available resources, and looking for and researching a private cannabis company that resonates with you as an investor. 


For cannabis companies looking to raise capital, the process begins by identifying the team that will help you reach your goals, such as experienced securities lawyers, broker-dealers, investor acquisition firms, transfer agents, and other parties critical to your success. However, you should also consider how you can turn customers into investors and brand ambassadors as they will be essential throughout your capital-raising journey.


Cannabis Industry Trends in 2022


Cannabis companies are benefiting from increasing consumer acceptance of the product in 2022. In states where cannabis is legal, tax revenue from sales has been significantly higher than predicted. This trend will likely continue as more states legalize cannabis, and the industry becomes more mainstream. It could also remove many barriers to entry for potential investors and entrepreneurs looking to enter the space.


Despite the current political environment, which is generally unfavorable to cannabis companies, several bills are making their way through Congress that could positively impact the industry. The SAFE Banking Act, for example, would allow FDIC-insured banks to offer their services to cannabis companies, providing much-needed financial infrastructure. 


The industry will almost certainly continue to grow because of the acceptance of cannabis and its use in a variety of products. The cannabis plant produces several compounds with medical, industrial and commercial applications, with THC and CBD only the most well-known.  Developing these products and bringing them to market is creating more jobs, stimulating the economy, and becoming more accepted by people from all walks of life.


Growth in the cannabis industry is not likely to slow down anytime soon. Investors and companies interested in the industry should keep a close eye on developments at the state and federal levels and the financial health of companies in the space. With the right mix of factors, the cannabis industry could achieve even greater heights in the years to come.


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