Potential and Impact of the Cannabis Sector on Jobs Creation

The cannabis sector is growing fast, and with it, the potential for job creation. A recent study shows that the cannabis industry could create and support an additional 1,250,000+ jobs. As legalization spreads, it creates opportunities for all types of workers and the industry as a whole. Plus, as more companies utilize JOBS Act exemptions, the capital to support this growth is readily available.


Expected Job Creation Growth in the Cannabis Industry


As the cannabis industry continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, the need for qualified employees in all areas of the business increases. Vangst, a leading cannabis recruiting agency, filled over 150,000 positions in 2021 alone. With this level of growth projected to continue into 2022 and beyond, it’s evident that the cannabis sector is a significant player in job creation.


To get a better understanding of the employment landscape within the cannabis industry, Vangst surveyed over 1,000 professionals working in the space. The results showed that the majority of employees (34.4%) have less than a year’s experience in cannabis. On the other hand, over 30% have been working in the industry for five years or more, indicating opportunities for both experienced professionals and those just starting in their careers. 


According to a job report from Leafly, the legal cannabis industry supports the equivalent of 428,059 full-time jobs and created an average of 280 new jobs a day in 2021. In that year, according to New Frontier, legal cannabis sales reached $26.5 billion for the year, and this is expected to reach $32 billion by the end of 2022. This data also calculated the CAGR of the cannabis industry and expects it to grow 11% between 2020 and 2030 to reach more than $57 billion.


What This Means for Employment


With the sector experiencing its fifth consecutive year of 27% or more annual job growth, the demand for qualified employees in all business areas, from cultivation and production to sales and marketing, will continue to rise. Plus, with 49% of Americans trying cannabis at some point in their lifetime, it is evident that cannabis use is not going anywhere.  Indeed, consumer cannabis use increased by 50% during the pandemic.


The cannabis industry is an exciting and ever-changing field that offers ample opportunities for growth and advancement. Cannabis job creation is not only limited to those working in the plant-touching side of the business. The industry provides opportunities for professionals in a wide range of fields, from accounting and finance to human resources and marketing. This means that job creation will not slow down as the industry crosses over into other markets and types of products, providing a unique opportunity for those looking for a career change or those just starting their professional lives.


With its fifth consecutive year of high job growth, the cannabis sector shows no signs of slowing. As cannabis is legalized in more states, the industry’s growth is expected to continue to drive employment, especially as cannabis employment growth rates are quickly surpassing other industries.