It is time to meet your MedTech A+ Team

It is time to meet your MedTech A+ Team

With our KoreSummit on RegA + for Medtech companies quickly approaching, we’d like to introduce the speakers we are thrilled to have for this informative event an exciting and life-changing industry. It is time to meet your MedTech A+ Team.


Dawson Russel
A branding and marketing expert with over ten years of experience in the industry. He has helped over 100 companies build their brands and tell their stories to the right audience thanks to his specialty in creative storytelling. His company, Capital Raise Agency, provides full-scale branding, marketing strategy, website design and development, video production, lead generation, social media, email, native ad campaign management, and more. At the upcoming Medtech KoreSummit event, Dawson will be speaking about how to build a brand and tell a story that captivates an audience.


Scott Pantel
President and founder of Life Science Intelligence, a company that ​​provides deep knowledge of the healthcare industry, guiding clients with actionable data to identify significant trends in medical devices, diagnostic, and digital health technologies that are rapidly evolving in the industry. At the upcoming KoreSummit, Scott will be discussing where Medtech companies can begin when embarking on their capital-raising journey. His wealth of knowledge on the topic will help entrepreneurs better understand the potential of Regulation A+ and how it can be used to grow their businesses. 


Stephen Brock
CEO of Medical Funding Professionals, a company that helps innovative companies in the healthcare field gain access to capital. Stephen is also passionate about ensuring founders, early employees, and investors retain control of their companies. For many companies in Medtech, this means introducing them to the potential of Regulation A+, which is just beginning to see more adoption by companies in this space. Stephens’s expertise in the Medtech field will shine through in his participation in the event’s panels.


Douglas Ruark
A corporate finance expert who has been involved in the securities industry for over two decades. He has experience with SEC-exempt securities offerings and provides advisory services for clients preparing and executing Regulation D, Regulation CF, and Regulation A+ offerings. We are excited for Douglas to share his knowledge at the KoreSummit event, where he will be speaking about Form 1A and the regulatory requirements for filing. 


Shari Noonan
CEO and Co-Founder of Rialto Markets, has over 20 years of experience in financial services, giving her unique insight into the private market. Shari will be joining the event to discuss the topic: “Form 1A: What is it, the regulatory requirements, and all you need to complete the filling and go live.” This makes her a valuable speaker at the upcoming event as she can offer information on the topic from both a regulatory and technological perspective for MedTech companies. 


Andrew Corn
Founder and CEO of E5A, a marketing firm specializing in RegA+ offerings. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Andrew has a unique perspective on raising capital through marketing. He will be speaking at the upcoming KoreSummit on how Medtech companies can sell the story, not the stock. Through marketing, companies can reach a wider pool of potential investors, including those who are not accredited investors. Andrew brings his world-class knowledge of marketing Regulation A+ offers and acquiring the right investors for a company’s raise.


Nick Antaki
Corporate attorney with experience in securities offerings and private placements, providing legal services to small and medium-sized businesses, including entity structuring, regulatory strategy, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. Nick’s experience will be valuable to KoreSummit attendees as they look to raise money for their businesses, and he joins his colleague Doug Ruark from Reg D Resources.


Joel Steinmetz
COO and co-founder of Rialto Markets, with over 20 years of experience in the financial services field. He saw the many obstacles issuers and investors faced in the private placement market, opening up the opportunity to bring efficiency to inefficient markets, and inspiring him to co-found Rialto Markets.


Lee Saba
CTO and Head of Market Structure at Rialto with over 20 years of experience in financial services. We are excited to hear Lee share his thoughts in this growing Reg A+ vertical.


Matthew McNamara
Managing Partner at Assurance Dimensions and has over 20 years of experience as a Certified Public Accountant. He specializes in SEC and private company audits, focusing on technology, manufacturing, retail, construction, nonprofit, and transportation industries. Given his broad experience in accounting and auditing, McNamara is well-positioned to provide valuable insights on financial reporting for MedTech businesses.


Andy Angelos
President of Forward Progress, a company that provides end-to-end solutions for investor marketing, lead generation, and customer acquisition campaigns. Their battle-tested strategies connect you with accredited and nonaccredited investors to provide growth capital for your business. Andy will be speaking at a talk on “sell the story, not the stock” at the upcoming KoreSummit, sharing his expertise on connecting with investors and delivering sustained growth. With his vast experience in marketing and capital acquisition, Andy will surely give an insightful discussion that will be valuable for anyone in attendance.


John Hayes
Co-founder and CEO of Raising Stakes Media, a company that provides marketing and advertising services for businesses hoping to raise capital through a Reg A+ offering. With over 25 years of experience in the media industry, John brings a wealth of knowledge to the table for effectively telling a company’s story.


Oscar Jofre
Co-founder, president, and CEO of KoreConX. He has long been a passionate advocate for expanding the private capital market to increase opportunities for companies and investors alike. Part of his mission at KoreConX is to establish an ecosystem of trusted partners that can help investors and issuers succeed through the JOBS Act exemptions. 


Peter Daneyko
KoreConX’s CRO and brings a wealth of knowledge to the table regarding business development, startups, and sales. He will be speaking at the KoreSummit about Secondary ATS and Form 1A: What is it, the regulatory requirements, and all you need to complete the filling. This is essential information for anyone in the MedTech industry looking to go live with Reg A+, as it can be challenging to navigate the regulatory landscape. 


Dr. Kiran Garimella
Chief Scientist & CTO at KoreConX, is a world-renowned expert in artificial intelligence and machine learning, with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. His experience and expertise make him a valuable asset to the KoreSummit, and he will talk about preparing for your live offering and secondary ATS.


Amanda Grange
Transfer specialist with KoreConX and returning for the upcoming KoreSummit event. She brings her experience to the table to discuss what issuers should be aware of when going live and the preparations they need to make to set themselves up for potential success.


It’s not too late to sign up for the event. You can register for the half-day webinar event here. It’s completely free to attend! 


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