KoreTalkX’s Growth Throughout 2022

After launching our podcast, KoreTalkX, earlier this year, we’ve seen it grow as we continue to host industry thought leaders to share their perspective on the private capital markets through empowering conversations. Our Spotify Wrapped tells a remarkable story of the success of a podcast that is looking to make a huge impact on the capital industry and its listeners.


A Year of Impressive Numbers


Throughout 2022, the KoreTalkX podcast released 1,071 minutes of new content, which is 92% more than other podcast creators in the business category. And, our global audience is a representation of how capital raising in the day of JOBS Act regulations is becoming a global industry. The podcast is listened to in 7 different countries, including Brazil, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Bulgaria.


The Top Content of 2022


When it came to the most listened-to talk of 2022, our episode titled Cannabis Businesses Need Capital had 287% more streams than the average episode. Our podcast also ranks among the top 10% of podcasts shared globally, reflecting one of the primary goals of this series–the share of information and knowledge.


The “Devotee” Audience


The KoreTalkX podcast also gained a lot of traction from our “devotee” audience, Spotify’s term for a listener who loves to listen over and over again. Throughout the year, KoreTalkX ranked as a top 10 podcast for 48 fans, a top 5 podcast for 36 fans, and a number one podcast for 14 fans showing the power of its content in the industry. 


All in all, it has been an incredible year for the KoreConX Podcast. From a global audience who is quick to support new releases to the ‘devotee’ audience who continues to prove their loyalty by returning to listen over and over again, looking to the future, it will be exciting to see what KoreTalkX has in store for the coming year. And if you are not already following the KoreTalkX podcast, check us out so you can stay up to date on the capital markets year-round. 

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