KorePartner Spotlight: Douglas Ruark, President of Regulation D Resources

KorePartner Spotlight Douglas Ruark

With the recent launch of the KoreConX all-in-one platform, KoreConX is happy to feature the partners that contribute to its ecosystem.


For over two decades, Douglas Ruark has been involved in the corporate finance world specifically focused on SEC-exempt securities offerings.  In 1992, he co-founded Heritage Financial, a company specializing in sourcing commercial real estate and corporate debt financing for commercial borrowers, which later merged with the investment banking firm InvestCap Partners in 1994. Five years later, Douglas served as the primary founder of Regulation D Resources, a company founded to advise corporate clients on the preparation and execution of Regulation D private placement offerings. Since the company’s formation in 1999, Regulation D Resources has provided advisory services for over 5,000 securities offerings. The company currently provides securities preparation and execution services for Regulation D, Regulation CF, and Regulation A+ exempt offerings.


Douglas and his expert team work with their clients to structure the offering, draft offering documents and SEC filings, advise on key metrics, and in Regulation A+ offerings convert and submit such filings for SEC qualification.  The Regulation D Resources team also provides compliance support once the client is ready to market their offering to ensure the client is properly supported through the close of the offering. The firm handles offering clients across a wide array of industries including real estate (which is one of the top sectors they work with), energy, technology, and manufacturing. 


One of the factors setting Douglas and Regulation D Resources apart is the 22 years of experience in the securities industry, an unblemished compliance track record, and the significant transactional experience developed in that timeframe.  Beyond his experience, Douglas is genuinely excited to be in this space. He says: “I love seeing what entrepreneurs have developed. The fun deals are companies that have developed technology that can have a big impact on an industry or be a game-changer.  Assisting them in raising funding to advance their dream and capitalize future corporate success is truly rewarding.”   


Douglas enjoys his partnership with KoreConX, sharing the same drive and vision regarding the application of technology to streamline processes. In addition, the responsiveness of the KoreConX team, he feels, has been great.  As soon as he was interested in learning more about the KoreConX platform, “Oscar reached out and set up a call introducing the services.  We instantly connected as our firm’s focus has been furthering the ability of small and medium-sized companies to access private capital and democratizing that access via SEC-exempt offerings.  Oscar’s work in streamlining processes and keeping costs contained for entrepreneurs aligned perfectly with the mission at Regulation D Resources.”  

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