KorePartner Spotlight: Brian Belley, Founder and CEO of Crowdwise

Kore Partner Brian Belley

With the recent launch of the KoreConX all-in-one RegA+ platform, KoreConX is happy to feature the partners that contribute to its ecosystem.


Brian Belley, founder and CEO of Crowdwise, has always been passionate about investing and alternative investments. By training, Brian is an aerospace engineer, but the JOBS Act represented the culmination of his interests. He took this as a great opportunity to build a platform providing a wealth of information centered around crowdfunding.


At Crowdwise, the primary service is free educational material for investors through courses and industry data on crowdfunding and early-stage investing. From his own experience and education on private investments, Brian understood what was most applicable to investors. The goal is to make this information easily digestible, translating data into the essentials that can be understood by new investors. Brain’s specialty lies in tech and early-stage startups, as well as analyzing industry data and trends. 


The private capital market is particularly existing for Brian because of the opportunities he foresees. In two to five years, the space will likely look completely different as it continues to be democratized and open to new investors. There are increasing opportunities for investors to build a diversified portfolio with broad investment types. At the same time, more investment opportunities for the everyday investor will lead to more access to capital, and new businesses will be able to come into existence because of it. 


Brian is excited about Crowdwise’s partnership with KoreConX, saying that it is completely about cooperation and building an ecosystem. He said: “not everyone has to be a competitor.” As more people continue to drive the private market forward, it will benefit everyone in the space, both investors and companies alike.

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