KoreGPT – Empowering the Future of Private Capital Markets

Introducing KoreGPT, your AI resource for equity crowdfunding.

KoreGPT: Empowering the Future of Private Capital Markets

It’s a fact: the world of Private Capital Markets is always changing. Especially in recent times, change has been as frequent as ever.

To keep up with this pace, the solutions that worked before may no longer be enough. And it is in this context that we present KoreGPT, an AI tool that is a game-changer for all the players.

It combines advanced technology with deep industry knowledge. Developed exclusively by KoreConX, this AI platform empowers investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals.

KoreGPT provides comprehensive education and insights into the global Private Capital Markets. Whether you are involved in capital raising, compliance, secondary trading, private equity, or venture capital, KoreGPT is your essential resource.


Why KoreGPT?

KoreGPT has an extensive knowledge base on private capital markets, helping you to understand all its complexities and details. In a few clicks, you have all the answers you need about investing in private companies, compliance, the JOBS Act, and more.
With cutting-edge technology and expert insights, it offers essential tools and resources designed to meet the specific needs of investors, companies, and intermediaries.
Let’s dive in and discover how KoreGPT assists these crucial participants in the private capital markets.

Investor Empowerment

KoreGPT gives investors the tools to make informed decisions. It offers extensive data and in-depth analysis. This helps you identify promising opportunities and optimize your portfolio.

Using the latest Artificial Intelligence advancements, KoreGPT provides deep insights into private market investments. It helps you understand the JOBS Act, including Regulations CF, A+, and D, as well as digital securities and tokenization.

Regulatory Compliance

Staying compliant with regulations is crucial in Private Capital Markets. KoreGPT ensures adherence to the latest SEC regulations. It helps you stay ahead while minimizing risk. By offering up-to-date information and expert guidance, KoreGPT is indispensable for maintaining regulatory compliance.
Innovation in Digital Securities

The future of securities is digital, and KoreGPT leads this transformation. It facilitates the transition to digital securities. This includes seamless tokenization and secondary market trading through advanced ATS platforms. This innovation streamlines processes and opens new growth opportunities.

Empowering Companies

KoreGPT provides valuable insights for companies looking to raise capital or expand their shareholder base. It guides you through the capital-raising process and shareholder management. KoreGPT’s expertise in tokenization enhances your ability to navigate the financial landscape.

Supporting Intermediaries

Intermediaries like Broker-Dealers, ATS, SEC-Registered Transfer Agents, Lawyers, Auditors, Banks, and Payment Providers play a vital role in the Private Capital Markets. KoreGPT helps these intermediaries understand and use the JOBS Act regulations in distinctive contexts. This gives investors confidence that companies use regulated intermediaries for capital raises.

Commitment to Trust and Integrity

KoreGPT is built on the Kore Trust Charter, emphasizing transparency and ethical conduct. It safeguards investor interests. All knowledge within KoreGPT is authored or provided by the KoreTeam and KorePartners.

They have signed the Infrastructure of Trust Charter. This ensures all information is authentic, accurate, and continually updated. This commitment sets KoreGPT apart from open-source AI models, emphasizing its higher standard of reliability and integrity.

How to Access KoreGPT?

You can access KoreGPT by clicking here.

Alternatively, go to ChatGPT, click on the “Explore GPTs” tab on the left, and search for KoreGPT.

Graphic image of a smartphone screen with KoreGPT, which is an AI for private capital markets and equity crodfunding

Join the Future of Private Capital Markets

As we continue to innovate and expand, we invite you to explore the transformative potential of KoreGPT.

Together, we can pave the way for a more resilient and prosperous private capital market ecosystem.

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