Investor Relations Hashtag #IRPrivate

I know what you are thinking, why on earth do a blog regarding a hashtag.  Clearly everyone knows what Investor Relations (IR) is and how to find it.

I felt that it was time to launch a new tool to find information about private companies online for 2018.

Like any good article I wanted to make sure it had the two elements:

The Problem
Yes it’s true globally we all know the term Investor Relations (IR).  Most companies hire an IR professional internally or externally to perform investor relations functions.  The problem is when you go online and start searching on google, twitter, facebook, and LinkedIn and you search for IR, all you get is IR for public listed companies.  The hashtags they have are all about public listed companies.

2nd part to our problem.  
With the emergence of online investing also known as “Equity Crowdfunding and ICO’s” these private companies conduct themselves like public companies

Although these companies are still private, the tools and strategy that you would apply to public listed company does not work with private companies.

Private companies have one great advantage over public listed companies and that is they know all their shareholders.  Each shareholder is directly connected to their company unlike listed companies.

The industry is maturing and more companies are understanding the value of having the appropriate strategy, resources and tools for performing their IR strategy.

We are also seeing a convergence of IR professionals leaving the public listed companies to take their experience and apply it to private companies.

More investors today are investing in private companies and private companies need the guidance, strategy, resources, experts and tools to be able to deliver.

The Solution
The private companies need a way to be seen and filtered separately from the publicly listed companies.  The introduction of this new hashtag will help the industry, media, journalists, investors and market at large.

Today private companies, professionals, service providers, etc.. can use the hashtag  #IRPrivate

Looking forward to seeing the activity of private companies using the hashtag and those who are engaged in providing services, tools, etc to private companies.

Happy Investor Relations #IRPrivate

2018 The year that Private Companies enhance their Investor Relations (IR) efforts.

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