How KoreChain Helps Companies Raise Capital Compliantly

Recently, KoreConX’s CEO Oscar Jofre was a guest on Fintech.TV’s Digital Asset Report to discuss the KoreChain Infrastructure. Watch the full video on YouTube.


What is KoreChain?

The KoreChain infrastructure is a blockchain technology that can be leveraged by companies qualified with the SEC to help them raise capital. It is the first fully SEC-compliant blockchain technology to connect broker-dealers, investors, companies, secondary market alternative trading systems, banking whales,  and all stakeholders in private capital markets.


KoreChain overview:

  • KoreChain is a permissioned blockchain.
  • KoreChain is built on enterprise-class industrial-strength hyper ledger fabric.
  • KoreChain is safe and secure: hosted on IBMs servers with the highest level of security (FIPS 140-2 level 4).
  • KoreChain is wholly focused on tokenized securities for global private capital markets. 


The technology enables a roadmap that others can adopt as long as they go through the qualification process to create fully SEC-compliant stable coins, NFTs, or other blockchain offerings. By being fully SEC-compliant, KoreChain offered by KoreConX is putting best practices forward, supplying the industry with standardization about market infrastructure, regulation, and how the latest and best technology can collaborate for the best outcome.


Why Utilize KoreChain?

The new SEC commissioner is not against cryptocurrencies; instead, he wants these offerings to utilize regulations instead of accessing these technologies through the side or back door. Using SEC regulations provides efficiency, transparency, and secondary liquidity, particularly helpful in private markets. The KoreChain technology allows you to offer all of this when creating assets on the blockchain.


The characters that differentiate KoreChain from other blockchains are: 

  • Permissioned 
  • Governed (including separate audit chain)
  • Complete lifecycle management of contracts
  • Event management
  • Artificial Intelligience 
  • Modular
  • APIs that integrate with the ecosystem


The KoreChain is the first fully SEC-compliant blockchain that meets regulations, encouraging understanding of SEC rules, regulations, and participants. The blockchain provides added confidence, so those using blockchain technologies find the process more efficient, from the investor to everyone involved. The KoreChain is a transparent solution that shortens the cycle of creation for anyone involved because investors can follow a fully SEC-compliant playbook through the entire process. 

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