How Can a Foreign Company use RegA+


For many issuers outside of the United States, the ability to raise capital from a wide pool of investors, including “the crowd” is immensely compelling. However, for foreign issuers to be able to use RegA+, there are some important considerations to keep in mind.


First and foremost is whether the company would be eligible to offer securities to U.S. investors. Foreign companies should seek the advice of qualified legal counsel to ensure compliance with all applicable U.S. laws and regulations. Additionally, foreign companies should consider the costs associated with making a public offering under RegA+ and the ongoing reporting requirements imposed on the company if it elects to use this securities exemption.


Benefit from RegA+ as a Foreign Company


The benefits of using Reg A+ for foreign companies are tremendous. Perhaps most importantly, RegA+, as a securities exemption, allows companies to raise $75 million from non-accredited investors. The exemption also enables issuers to “test the waters” concerning interest in their securities before officially launching the offering


Using RegA+ as a Foreign Company


It is vital first to understand the process and what is required when looking to do a RegA+ raise. Foreign companies should be aware of the following when using RegA+:


  • The company must be registered as a US company with a principal place of business in the US.
  • The company must have two years of audited financial statements.


While RegA+ offers a foreign company a simplified path to raising capital in the United States, several requirements still need to be met for the offering to be successful. These requirements include:


  • Filing a Form 1-A with the SEC.
  • Passing an SEC review process.
  • Engaging a US-based registered broker-dealer.
  • Disclosing all material information about the company and the offering.


However, like any method of raising capital, RegA+ may not be suitable for all foreign issuers. This makes it incredibly important to engage a knowledgeable team that can guide issuers through the process.


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