Happy 2nd Anniversary KoreConX !

We are so excited to be celebrating the 2nd year anniversary of the KoreConX all-in-one business platform launch.  It’s amazing how fast the past 2 years have gone by.  We have made friends all over the world who have shared their stories of how they use KoreConX to manage their investments with our Portfolio Management tool and how managing their companies corporate information is so easy.

We want to thank you for making our journey an amazing one and to let you know we are just getting started.   Our goal is to help the millions of companies around the world, and their stakeholders, to better manage, organize, share and communicate their information.

To achieve our goal we provide a free all-in-one business platform that provides (among other things):

  • Structured file management with access level sharing;
  • Boardroom management tools to schedule meetings, manage committees and ensure compliance;
  • Deal Room feature that we will continually update with third party financing sources you can apply to;
  • Captable management to manage all your companies securities; and
  • Portfolio management section allowing you to keep securities holders connected and up to date.  

By providing this platform, companies can finally move their businesses out of the dark ages and onto a platform that will keep evolving by adding new features and third party services that may be of use to you while you run your business.

In keeping with our plan, we will be introducing additional functionality over the coming months that you will be able to utilize on a subscription basis but without affecting the features you already use for free.

So what is in store for you in the coming months?  Here are some of the new features and services we are adding (or have already added):

New Investor Relations Module (subscription service):
This is going to help companies stay connected to their securities holders by providing:

  • Online reporting in a secured environment, ensuring your private information isn’t at risk of being intercepted via unsecure email channels

  • Plan your Annual General Shareholder Meeting (AGM) directly in this new module

  • Messaging securely with shareholder and track their engagement

  • Use our eVoting tool to tally votes in real time

We have been busy testing the IR Module and we will soon provide you with the opportunity to take advantage of this new enhancement.  For more information, or to be one of our first 1,000 subscribers eligible to take advantage of our early bird 50% special for the first year, please click here…

Transfer Agent (subscription service)
For those companies that need a third party custodian to manage your securities, we at KoreConX are now offering this service at a much reduced rate than other providers in the sector.  But not only are we doing it cheaper, we will give you full transparency at all times through our dashboard.  In light of USA securities rules that require companies with 500 or more shareholders to have a transfer agent, we felt it was time someone helped out the small to medium sized private companies with the right solution.  So for those companies about to do a capital raise and are considering crowdfunding please consider our transfer agent services to help you out.

Personal Dashboard
Some of you may have already noticed and for those who have not, please login you see your new Personal Dashboard.  We simplified the dashboard to help you navigate and find what you need faster.  We look forward to your feedback.

Company Dashboard
The company dashboard has also received a major facelift that will help companies manage all their activities more efficiently.

Portfolio Management
We have done a major rebuild on your personal portfolio and corporate portfolio pages.  Now you will be able to see your security holdings information, the company details, reports, meetings, and any eVoting items that you need to deal with.

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Free forever, KoreConX assists all participants in the Private Capital Markets with activities like raising capital, managing cap tables, investment portfolios, and ensuring compliance.

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