Don’t Let Compliance Become Chaos


Are you spending too much time on compliance and getting frustrated with all the paperwork? Compliance Officers have to deal with compliance and regulatory issues on a daily basis, but it does not have to be a burden or paper shuffling affair. The smart Compliance Officers take control of their situation and find effective and efficient tools to make their lives easier.

Kore Platforms, in partnership with KoreConX, have developed an elegant automated solution to make your life easier. Imagine a system that is automated from beginning to end for all of the investor, issuer and the Compliance Officer. That means automated due diligence and investment process that includes ID Verification, AML checks, KYC and suitability as well as managing the payments using VISA, MC, AMEX, VISA/MC Debit, eCheque, TFSA and RRSP. As a Compliance professional wouldn’t it be great to manage all your work through one convenient dashboard that tracks all your historical work and keeps you audit ready at all times?

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