Bilal Hasnain

September 4, 2018

KoreChain – Interactive Item – Transformation & Connectivity

Integration & Data Layer – Transformation & Connectivity Functionality for transforming data between various formats and establishing connectivity between functional modules of the KoreChain as […]

KoreChain – Interactive Item – System Integration

Integration & Data Layer – System Integration Functionality for integrating with other systems using adapters, private API keys, and message protocols.

KoreChain – Interactive Item – KoreAuditChain

Security Layer – KoreAuditChain The KoreAuditChain is a separate, parallel blockchain that immutably logs all interactions, both at the level of individual transactions and complete […]

KoreChain – Interactive Item – Security Monitoring & Intelligence

Security Layer – Security Monitoring & Intelligence Monitoring of all interactions from the viewpoint of security.

KoreChain – Interactive Item – Infrastructure Security

Security Layer – Infrastructure Security Management of all security functions that include cryptography, privacy, network security, and application security.

KoreChain – Interactive Item – Technical Governance

Security Layer – Technical Governance Functionality for logging of all interactions and automated transactions as well as implementation of rules for validation and detection of […]

KoreChain – Interactive Item – IL – Account Management

Infrastructure Layer – Account Management Management of access rights and roles for account holders of various types, such as individual investors, issuers’ authorized representatives, broker […]

KoreChain – Interactive Item – Distributed Ledger

Infrastructure Layer – Distributed Ledger The Distributed Ledger Technology functions manage the complete ledger of transactions through private channels, including on-chain and off-chain management of […]

KoreChain – Interactive Item – Technical Consensus

Infrastructure Layer – Technical Consensus Technical validation and consensus of transactions between multiple validators and application of consensus algorithms¬† which may be dynamically configured based […]

KoreChain – Interactive Item – Membership

Infrastructure Layer – Membership Management of membership of various participants in the KoreChain infrastructure such as validators, peers, and users.