Bilal Hasnain

September 4, 2018

KoreChain – Interactive Item – Compliance

Functional Layer – Compliance Allows broker dealers to manage their due diligence requirements from issuers including full transparency on the entire application, review and listing […]

KoreChain – Interactive Item – Capital Markets

Functional Layer – Capital Markets Simplify compliance for all parties involved in the capital raising process. KoreConX Capital Markets helps broker dealers manage all the […]

KoreChain – Interactive Item – Transfer Agent

Functional Layer – Transfer Agent Manage and perform securities transfers without the wait, risk or cost. KoreConX’s SEC-registered Transfer Agent service combines simplified, efficient and […]

KoreChain – Interactive Item – Investor Relations

Functional Layer – Investor Relations Communicate with investors and potential investors directly using KoreConX Investor Relations feature. Track shareholder engagement with the ability to view […]

KoreChain – Interactive Item – Minute Book

Functional Layer – Minute Book Keep bylaws, shareholder agreements, articles of incorporation and other business-critical documents in one secure location. Provide access to lawyers, auditors, […]

KoreChain – Interactive Item – CapTable Management

Functional Layer – CapTable Management Manage your capitalization table down to each transaction including the details and documents that are cross-linked to the individual security […]

KoreChain – Interactive Item – Portfolio Management

Functional Layer – Portfolio Management Get the full and simplified view of all your investments, organized in one central location. View company information (including board […]

KoreChain – Interactive Item – Enterprise Data

Integration & Data Layer – Enterprise Data Functionality to manage the data of clients, investors, and all tokenholders, ensuring privacy and security.

KoreChain – Interactive Item – Enterprise User Directory

Integration & Data Layer – Enterprise User Directory Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer et convallis nisi. Etiam rutrum finibus elit. In […]

KoreChain – Interactive Item – Enterprise User Directory

Integration & Data Layer – Enterprise User Directory Manage the directory of all user accounts, including individual, corporate, partners, and external providers.