Announcing the 2021 JOBS Act Program RegCF

KoreConX has long been dedicated to helping companies meet all regulatory compliance requirements in the most cost-effective way. This commitment continues with our complimentary 2021 JOBS Act Program for RegCF, which will enable eligible companies to use the KoreConX all-in-one platform for free. KoreConX pledges to make this available to companies who have completed, started, or are in the middle of their RegCF raise. 


The KoreConX platform meets the regulatory SEC transfer agent requirements in addition to a dedicated agent, Cap Table Management, Portfolio Management, Shareholder Management, and BoardRoom Management. Companies using the KoreConX platform can efficiently manage SAFEs, CrowdSafes, promissory notes, debenture, and digital securities.


The JOBS Act Program will begin accepting applications on March 01, 2021.  KoreConX has committed to supporting your RegCF raise up to $1.07M with our complimentary (100% FREE) JOBS Act Program solution, complete with an SEC-registered transfer agent. With this increased access to capital, private companies have the chance to grow and create jobs in an economy greatly affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. KoreConX is proud to continue to provide the solutions that companies are in need of, in order to compliantly raise capital cost-effectively and efficiently.


Eligible companies can apply on the JOBS Act Program website. Once a submission has been received, the KoreConX team will begin the review process and notify accepted applicants within 48 hours.

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