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Medtech A+ Team: Closing


Oscar Jofre  00:00

All right, everyone, well, what a day, I hope you all had fun. I know I never get tired of listening to this because as I said to you, the one constant in this market is change. And I never get tired to hear and even the legal perspective, because there’s always something new. There are always little nuances that are coming up. So in closing, I brought everybody here together, just for all of us to say goodbye to you for today. I’m sure we will see you all soon. Douglas Ruark from Reg D Resources. Scott Pantel, from LSI. Steven Brock in the bubble, of course, from Medical Funding Professionals. And thank you, Joel Steinmetz, the co founder of Rialto Markets. So this is the A plus team, I apologize, some of our members, they’re already in a busy day. But gentlemen, I’d like just your day, a couple of minutes. Just what did you think of the day today? Douglas? 


Douglas Ruark  01:03

Yeah, look, you know, it’s funny, because average, obviously, everybody on this panel, you know, we’re all intrinsic in this industry, we all share the same passion. I think we all have also seen the changes that have occurred in the last, especially the last ten years, really the last five, on these programs. And I think, you know, when you look at it, I mean, look, if you were a med-tech company, and you wanted to go raise $30 million, and it’s 2013-2014, you don’t have many options, you’re gonna go to a Reg D 506. C, you’re limited to accredited investors, you have a convoluted investment process, or you’re walking into a PE firm or a VC firm, you’re handing them 80% of your company, or you’re gonna have to then go public good luck finding an underwriter for a company that’s maybe not revenue generating, yet are still in the development stage. So I think that, you know, getting people to understand how massive of a change it’s been in the last five to 10 years, especially with Reg A plus, and the ability to do what amounts to a public offering with the same investor acquisition capabilities of a public offering, without having to go public. It’s phenomenal. And I like I said, everybody on this panel, me and Steven Brock, you know, been there and done that over his entire career with public companies, private companies, investment banking, corporate finance. You know, Scott Pantel, I mean, running the, you know, the top, med tech market research company, I mean, you know, Oscar, you and your firm, Joel, you know, leading the way with broker dealers doing these, we all understand that where you can see the passion, the excitement with us, because we all understand what has been what’s transpired over the last five years. And it’s just an exciting time in the industry. And I think a lot of it comes down to education. And I think that’s where these summits are very important. It’s educating people on the changes and getting them to understand that there’s a massive shift now in how you’re able to go syndicate capital for your company.


Oscar Jofre  02:56

Wow, thank you. Well, put, yeah, did he say for all of us? No, no, no, I want to hear from y’all. Because you’re, you know, today, I quoted your numbers, but I don’t say I’m with the same smooth. 


Joel Steinmetz  03:11

I’m gonna tell you something that I really think is important for people to realize. And it really came through today. And it just is getting more and more obvious to me. You know, if you go back in the market 30-40 years ago, the markets in general, in general, the capital markets were investor markets. They were not trader markets. They were investor markets, people sought investments and went in and invested. It turned in in the 90s 2000s. It turns into a traders market, with high-frequency trading, etc. And really, investors weren’t able to get anywhere you were trying to make pennies off it. What the retail world has told everyone is we believe in investor markets. The retail world has said we want to get involved in good investments. And in order to do so, we need to be able to be given the opportunities to get involved in those kinds of investment opportunities to be able to buy in, watch something grow and participate with that growth and help all small companies actually create value for our world. And the retail investors are saying that’s what they want to do. Well, in the public markets, you have less of the opportunity to do that. All of that has been put into the public markets already. If you look since 2000, before 2000 If you looked at some companies, even Amazon which came out before 2000, most of the wealth was gained post going public since 2000. The vast bought by ridiculous numbers like 1,000% differences, the most of the value is created while it’s still private. And that’s the peak thing Retail Investors want to get involved in, and they want to get back to an investor market that allows them to get into good companies and provide value and get the value for their investment.


Oscar Jofre  05:12

That’s great. It’s a nice recap. You know, it’s, it’s nice to hear that remind ourselves, you know, sometimes I hear snippets of it when David Wield tells me about the market, how it’s formed and how it’s changed. And I think you summarized it correctly. I liked the way you said, it was an investor’s market, and then it became a traders and traders and not investors. I think that’s the point that people need to really understand. You know, we all watch the movies margin call, your only objective is to make money. They didn’t talk about building companies or they don’t care. They just want to make I’m not harping on them. But it just we need to come to that realization. And look at today, the capital markets are very popular. And I love it. I love it. Because two years ago, we were in the same spot. And we were all so busy. You know, Andrew Corn, because we did like 90 of these webinars online, we just kept doing them. And so obviously for for Scott and Steven, they’re, you know, this new ecosystem, new creators, quarterbacks, but you know, your your last words for the day.


Scott Pantel  06:17

I’ll jump in and talk hand it over to my comrade, Steven, you just sent us the word? Well, first of all, thank you, it’s been a great day. And it’s so exciting to see, to see everybody rallying together and delivering this solution for the innovators in our space. They use the word build a minute ago about building companies. And, you know, the the med tech market is a $600 billion market. And it’s, it’s it grows, it grows and innovates. And the innovation cycles are short, there are new technologies every couple of years that are replacing previous technologies. The only way we can continue to innovate is if we finance the innovators if we build together. And so I I just feel grateful to be a part of this team at this time doing what we’re doing. I want to thank all of the innovators that joined today. And I’ve had a few reach out to me separately and say, Hey, how do I get started, there was a chat that was put in there with a link to schedule an exploratory call. We’d love talking to everybody regardless of what stage they’re at. So check the check the feed and schedule an exploratory call. And if we can help you, we’d love to. And if you’re not ready, we’ll let you know. So again, thank you, Oscar at KoreConX for pulling this together your industry leaders, and I’m just happy to be a part of it.


Oscar Jofre  07:35

Thank you, as always.


Stephen Brock  07:36

Yes, thank you, sir. It was excellent. Hey, when if all these people decide you’d like to do an exploratory call, I’ll be on Zoom, and they’ll have my video. Anyway, the beauty is the fact that we have this incredible team. The beauty is that KoreConX showed us another pathway forward building the team, when Scott and I were doing this on our own. And it has been an incredible experience. Being able to work with such professionals and having people that are excellent in their skill set, have 20, 25, 30 years background, it is amazing what we all get to do in helping these potential clients clients get through to execution and get to market, there is no better way Regulation A plus table. That’s what’s going on. If you gotta fight at a share stock out there, you’re gonna sit there and have it 580 At the end of the raise, so you’re not going to be battered around by these market forces. That’s the beauty of this thing. And then you’re able to sit there and easily be looked at from a potential med-tech m&a program, because of all that outreach that goes on with the investor acquisition with LSI MFP. Rialto Markets is awesome. What happens from all of this, at the end of the day, just do the exploratory calls, go through the presentation, at least have another way to look at how to raise capital in a democratized capitalization program that we did not have back in the 2000s. Not in 220 12. Great statistic is back in 2020. The Jobs Act $9 billion raised in 2021. Under the Jobs Act, which includes 506 C, CF, and Reg A plus $113 billion. It has scaled and 2022 for the med-tech industry is going to be the best ever because they’re finally catching on that this is another way to raise capital and they should go to our Calendly links and schedule those calls with Scott nice so we can code share with you what it could possibly look like for you to get into endpoint. Thanks again.


Oscar Jofre  09:29

Great to You’re welcome. And hopefully one day we will, he is real for everybody. It’s not he’s like a machine though. If there’s there’s no person that works harder than Steven to get the deal done. So thank you, everyone. Thanks to all our KorePartners in our med-tech A plus team that came out today. It was a great event. And I hope that for everybody that stayed and got some information. I know sometimes you feel like you want more and that’s just Well, welcome to the journey. It’s a constant learning and that these professionals, we’re gonna help you here till the next core Summit, which could be coming to you soon. Our first face-to-face Summit. So stay tuned, there’ll be more coming your way. Until then have a fantastic Thursday, wherever you may be. Thank you to everyone. Until next time, loves animals.


Joel Steinmetz  10:25

Thank you. Bye bye, everyone. Thank you, everyone.


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