KoreSummit Medtech A+ Team: Where Does it All Start?


Oscar Jofre

CEO and Co-Founder


Oscar Jofre

CEO and Co-Founder

Oscar is currently one of the Top 10 Global Thought Leaders in Equity Crowdfunding, a Top 5 Fintech Influencer, Top 10 Blockchain and a Top 50 InsureTech. He has published an eBook that has been downloaded in over 20 countries, and been distributed by partners worldwide. Oscar is a featured speaker on Fintech, regulated, equity crowdfunding, compliance, shareholder management, investor relations, and transparency in the USA, Australia, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Canada, Singapore, Indonesia and China. He speaks to audiences covering alternative finance, RegTech, insurance, banking, legal, and crowdfunding. Oscar also advises the world’s leading research, accounting, law firms and insurance companies on the impact Fintech, RegTech, LegalTech, InsurTech and OrgTech is having in their business.

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I’m sure like all of you, you’re following the amazing roller coaster ride that capital markets are having right now. You know, I can’t help it. Think about the same situation that we were in in 2020, the market conditions to the same roller coaster all the way through and people were panicking, what’s going to happen? And here’s the amazing thing that did happen. The private markets grew tremendously, and online investing was on the rise, it was unexpected. Everybody thought it was doomsday. And on the other side, it was growth. Why? Because I’m reminded about one thing that it just never goes away. Money needs to work in order for it to earn and grow. For money to sit in a bank account, it’s not working. So that’s one of the main reasons why the private markets are growing. And I’m going to share some information with you today before we get started. And this amazing day, for the KoreSummit, med-tech A-plus team. One of our colleagues, one of our FINRA broker-dealers shared this information with us about the difference between private and public, and I think this is gonna be a great way to lead us for today. And here’s the thing, this is real information. This is going to help you. The private market is four times the size of the public market, four times the size. Last year, $3.9 trillion was raised in private companies versus 1.2 trillion in public. The growth of the private markets is twice as fast as the public markets. And here’s another significant number. The last 100 IPOs are down 37%. At this moment, and what’s trending right now that will also again, I’m just making the case, why the private markets, why Reg A, why this? Why this ecosystem, this sector? What’s trending right now? What’s interesting is that in June of 2021 91 IPOs, were done 91, June of 2022 for IPOs, were none. That’s not just a decline, or does that, as the former president NYSE said traditional capital markets are dead. And I’ll never forget this. This is exactly what happened when in 2008 occurred. And David Weild, the former vice-chairman of NASDAQ, the Father of the JOBS Act, who created all this and why we’re here, saw the same thing, we needed to put the dollars back into private companies where they create real jobs, real innovation to grow the market. Public markets do not create jobs, and we need to be reminded of that. And regulation A plus, one of the regulations within the JOBS Act, has had amazing growth. 


Just to give you some information, from 2020 to 21 47% of more companies filed to raise capital using the regulation. And on top of that, they raised they wanted to raise 73% more money because of it. And year over year 103% More companies raised their capital, more money was raised apologies. And for 2020 to q1, 98% of the capital has been raised already. This is amazing. And what better sector for that to be brought into the most impactful sector there is out there. The med-tech and today, you’re going to meet the med-tech A-plus team of companies working together to close the gap for all investors, individuals accredited, nonaccredited venture capital, private equity, and institutional. The Jobs Act is about inclusion, not exclusion, inclusion, not exclusion. That’s why Barack Obama brought it in so everyone could participate. Today, the A-plus team is going to be led by amazing quarterbacks who understand this ecosystem and the legal minds who have expertise in the metric. Life Sciences biotech, who get it done with auditors who truly understand what is required for you to get your filings completed with a FINRA broker-dealer who’s registered in all 50 states and with a registered call center, fully compliant offering with an SEC-registered transfer agent. And let’s not forget the investor acquisition firms, the people who make it happen who sell the story, not the stock, and you can hear that. And then of course, underneath it all, you need a technology that will bring the investor through from the beginning to the end, the investment platform. And let’s not forget the very last. We’re now here at that moment. Secondary market trading. What does that mean? I know everybody wasn’t about what does it really mean? What impact will it have? And you’re going to hear about that all today. 


Now, before we get started, we got some housecleaning items we need to clean up. Just to make sure we’re obviously you notice we’re using a great event management platform called Airmeet. Thanks to Airmeet, here, you can ask questions at any given time. We do have a moderator that can share that with the speakers as well. The KoreSummit med-tech A plus Team 2022 is coming live to you on LinkedIn live, YouTube live Facebook Live. Now for those that are on LinkedIn live, you might experience some issues. I’m sorry, you know, technology. In particular, when we’re making changes from one panel to the other, but their not, our team will be posting in all different areas on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, where you can continue watching the event on YouTube Live or Facebook Live. Now, we are about to start with an amazing day full of great speakers. But before we do, I want to leave you with one thing today. I’ve been doing this now for 13 years. 13 years is when David Wield changed my life. And I hope he changes yours in the way you see the market. Today. There’s so much clutter out there. And people are reading the same book, and I’m going to call it a book. That book is 30, 40, 50 years old. You got to stop reading that book. Here is the new book you’re going to read today. This is the new way. And the one thing about this book, it’s got constant changes. And that’s what it means there’s a constant change. We’re evolving. Even the regulation, there was only a time not that long ago you could only raise 50 million every 12 months. Now you can raise 75 million every 12 months. That’s a change. Lawyers are changing. The auditors are changing. The broker-dealers are offering more, and they’re doing more for you. Investor acquisition techniques are changing everything about this technology. I have one example to give you one great bargain we have in our ecosystem, Andrew Corn. If it wasn’t for Andrew’s constant nitpicking and saying, Hey, we need change, we would always be at the same technology. We were 13 versions ago. So thanks to Andrew, we keep evolving and many others. That’s the one thing you need to take away today. This is just going to evolve, and it’s gonna get bigger and bigger. One day you will be able to raise 100, 150 million, or maybe $200 million every 12 months. But the journey has already begun. And you’re part of that. So today, I want you to have fun and enjoy the time you’re going to have with these amazing speakers. And I hand it off to the next panel that is going to kick this thing off for us this afternoon. So we’re just going to take a little break by 35 seconds in between the panels, and we’re going to bring in how this all gets started. Enjoy the day.


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