KoreConX’s New Feature Allows Companies to Manage Entire Capital Raise Through KoreConX “Deal Room”

New Feature Allows Companies to Apply to Multiple Equity or Debt Crowdfunding Portals Through a Single Point of Entry

TORONTO, ON–(Marketwired – February 02, 2016) – KoreConX is disrupting equity crowdfunding once again, by adding a “Deal Room” to the KoreConX platform. This all-in-one solution helps companies navigate the process of raising equity capital, and simplifies shareholder communications to reduce risk.

The Deal Room

Companies will now be able to use KoreConX to apply to any partnered equity or debt crowdfunding portal without even leaving the platform, through the newly launched “Deal Room” feature. In the past, companies beginning the equity or debt crowdfunding process would complete the entire application process, and since 90 percent of those that apply are turned down, would find themselves having to go through the entire process all over again. Now, KoreConX is providing companies with the ability to apply to multiple equity or debt crowdfunding portals through a single point of entry. Since data in KoreConX only ever needs to be entered once, the application process is streamlined and much easier.

The Deal Room allows companies to manage the equity or debt crowdfunding process and communicate with the reviewers of the due diligence information to manage all their raises, manage historical raises and review where they have applied. This becomes very important for the entire company and all key stakeholders as to where the company has been seeking capital and the success of those efforts. Previously, companies would use Excel and Word to manage this process, which can be very ineffective and inefficient.

KoreConX was built with due diligence in mind. When companies access the Deal Room, they will find everything they need to submit their application to equity crowdfunding portals in one place. All information in KoreConX is cross-linked, meaning you only ever have to enter a given piece of information once, and the Deal Room is no different. If you complete an application on one platform, that information is pre-populated the next time. Companies can sign up and access the deal room here.

“For an entrepreneur, the Deal Room it’s where it all begins. This is where most of their time will be spent if they’re in need of capital for their companies. Our goal was to simplify the process and put the company in control of their confidential data,” said Oscar A Jofre, President/CEO KoreConX.

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About KoreConX

KoreConX is a free all-in-one solution that helps companies navigate the process of raising equity capital, and simplifies shareholder communications to reduce risk. The KoreConX ecosystem empowers stakeholders (regulated crowdfunding portals, shareholders, board directors, CEO, CFO, corporate secretary, lawyers, auditors, investor relations, members and 3rd party providers) to manage corporate information from a Single Point of Entry within a secure, hosted application that results in efficient and transparent corporate governance. More information is available at www.koreconx.com.