KoreConX Launches RegA+ all-in-one investment platform #20 February 2020

KoreConX Launches RegA+ All-In-One Investment Platform

RegA+ complete end to end solution

[New York, NY – 20 February 2020 ] – KoreConX is thrilled to announce the launch of the Regulation A+ all-in-one investment platform, providing companies with an all-in-one solution to manage their capital raise. 

“When the platform that the company uses to service its shareholders, board members, and management also includes transfer agent and investor relations functions, it makes it so much easier because of real-time access to data on shareholders and to a record of all communications to and from them.” Ram Venkat, Elegance Brands

RegA+, introduced by the SEC in Title IV of the JOBS Act, outlines the rules for equity crowdfunding of up to $50 million in capital from investors (including unaccredited investors). RegA+ is comprised of two tiers, Tier I and Tier II.

“The JOBS Act made a seldom-used exemption from public registration suddenly practical by raising the Reg. A proceeds cap from $5 million to  $50 million per issuer per year under ‘Tier 2’ creating a ‘lite’ form of public registration and reporting. Under Tier 2 Reg. A+, as it is commonly called, US and Canadian companies can access large numbers of public investors in the United States, file a lite registration statement (Form 1-A) with the US Securities & Exchange Commission, be exempt from State by State registration, and investors can access company filings on the SEC’s EDGAR. This helps ‘democratize’ investor access by making available earlier-stage offerings.  The KoreConX all-in-one platform helps companies carry out either Tier 1 or Tier 2 offerings that are fully compliant with broker-dealers and transfer agents.”

David Weild IV, “Father of the JOBS Act”, former Vice Chairman of NASDAQ,  

Chairman & CEO of Weild & Co.  

The RegA+ all-in-one investment platform offers companies the technology platform needed to raise capital and for managing their activities after the financing round has been completed. The secure platform provides companies with access to an Invest button on the company’s website that is connected to Broker-Dealers for Compliance (including management of KYC, ID, AML, eSignature, and Payments) and registered transfer agent to satisfy ongoing SEC requirements.  The private branded all-in-one platform also has many other features that are crucial to operating a business and simplifying compliance such as: CapTable Management, Investor Relations, DealRoom, BoardRoom, Minutebook management/organized data storage, and Portfolio Management for shareholders.  

‘The RegA+ market is getting better established and now is the right time to bring to light an entire ecosystem that is a combination of technology and providers who have experience working on RegA+ offerings.  The KoreConX all-in-one platform is going to change the market by removing the friction between the providers who are servicing the RegA+ companies.” Sara Hanks, CEO CrowdCheck

Supporting the RegA+ all-in-one solution are leaders in their respective fiends.  Legal partners (such as CrowdCheck and Bevilacqua), marketing and IR partners (such as PCG Advisory, Marketing Results, and E5AIM), and many others. Dalmore Group, Winston, and Weild & Co. serve as broker-dealers for compliance throughout the investment process. Molinari Media and Midas are expert media partners. KoreTransfer is a transfer agent. 

“KoreConX has created a complete infrastructure of trust, so that companies can raise capital in an efficient and compliant manner with all required services on one platform.  This infrastructure streamlines the capital raising process and simplifies the management of securities following the offering.”Louis A. Bevilacqua, Bevilacqua PLLC

“The KoreConX all-in-one solution for RegA+ equity raises has been needed for a long time. Finally, we now have a platform that really supports a company’s RegA+ offering, the  brand of the issuer, and which is affordable and incredibly effective. Simply put, KoreConX’s all-in-one solution delivers impactful results for a successful capital raise. This is a win-win for everyone (company, lawyers, auditors, investors, broker-dealers, marketing firms, PR firms, media, transfer agents, shareholders, and compliance officers). Now, companies participating in a RegA+ raise can better manage the whole process with transparency from start to finish.” 

Nicolas Messe, Marketing Results Inc.




 About KoreConX 

KoreConX is the world’s first highly-secure permissioned blockchain ecosystem for fully-compliant digital securities worldwide.

 To ensure compliance with securities regulation and corporate law, the KoreConX all-in-one, AI-based blockchain platform manages the full lifecycle of digital securities including the issuance, trading, clearing, settlement, management, reporting, corporate actions, and custodianship. KoreConX connects companies to the capital markets and secondary markets facilitating access to capital and liquidity for private investors.

 KoreConX is the first secure, all-in-one platform for private companies to manage their capital market activity and stakeholder communications. Removing the burden of fragmented systems and inefficient tools across multiple vendors, KoreConX offers a single environment to connect companies, investors and broker/dealers. Leveraged for investor relations and fundraising, private companies can share and manage corporate records and investments including portfolio management, capitalization table management, virtual minute book, security registers, transfer agent services and virtual deal rooms for raising capital.  www.KoreConX.io