KoreConX CEO Oscar A. Jofre Headlines Cannabis Sessions Talking About Crowdfunding in Events

As businesses in the cannabis sector seek ways to expand, KoreConX has been leading initiatives on educating entrepreneurs in this business on how to raise capital compliantly, with low costs

KoreConX CEO Oscar A. Jofre is speaking at two cannabis events in the upcoming days. The focus of his participation will be on the exemptions of the JOBS Act, like Regulation A+ and Regulation CF, which are useful ways for cannabis companies to turn their brand advocates into shareholders.

The first event, Leading Professionals to Teach About Crowdfunding 2022, takes place on Oct. 20 and is part of the Financial Poise Webinars. This webinar addresses crowdfunding portals and intermediaries, with a basic overview of the various methods of crowdfunding, from donation and rewards-based, through intrastate equity, debt, and finally to securities-based crowdfunding under Titles II, III and IV of the JOBS Act. Once those differences are understood, the webinar focuses on the need for intermediaries, the role that they can and sometimes must play, followed by a discussion on how the market has matured and where the market may be going in the online capital space. Oscar will be joined by Maureen Murat (Crowdie Advisors, LLC) and Jordan Fishfeld (CFX Markets).

The second, from Oct. 19-21, is organized by a KorePartner, Arcview Capital. The Arcview Access Cannabis Investment Summit will feature industry experts, investors, and enthusiasts to discuss industry opportunities and how entrepreneurs can scale their businesses. On the 21st, Oscar will be part of the panel Debunking the Myths Around Crowdfunding, with Arcview Capital Managing Director Chris Reece. There, Oscar will discuss the operational aspects that go into getting a raise live and share best practices to put companies on track to a successful raise.

As a thought leader focused on educating entrepreneurs, Oscar A. Jofre is thrilled to be part of these two speaking engagements: “KoreConX has a mission to empower entrepreneurs through private capital markets. The cannabis market has been rapidly changing with growing demands. We can help entrepreneurs fulfill these needs as we will show them how to start this private equity journey in a compliant way.”

Also, next week, from Oct. 24-28, KoreConX will host the KoreSummit – Pocket Sessions | Empowering Growth, with a complete journey for cannabis entrepreneurs. Subscribe and learn more here.

About KoreConX

Founded in 2016, KoreConX provides the first secure online infrastructure for private companies to conveniently and compliantly manage every aspect of their capital market activities, from issuing securities to shareholder relations. Investors, broker-dealers, law firms, accountants and investor acquisition firms all leverage our ecosystem solution. KoreConX also maintains a large online library of educational content to help companies navigate their capital-raising journey.