KoreConX Discusses How Cannabis Companies Can Raise Up to $75 Million Through JOBS Act Exemptions at Grow Up Conference & Expo

KoreConX helps cannabis companies

Oscar Jofre, KoreConX CEO and co-founder, is a confirmed speaker at the Grow Up Conference & Expo, which takes place from September 11 to 13 in Niagara Falls. Oscar is currently one of the Top 10 Global Thought Leaders in Equity Crowdfunding, a Top 5 Fintech Influencer, Top 10 Blockchain and a Top 50 InsureTech, and helps educate entrepreneurs on capital raise


Oscar Jofre will show how cannabis companies can raise capital (up to $ 75 million) to grow their businesses, fully compliant, while staying private, and raise their money from people around the world from accredited, but more importantly, non-accredited investors – their customers, their brand advocates-, those that understand the company and the niche. His presence is confirmed at the upcoming Grow Up Conference & Expo.

KoreConX offers the first secure, All-In-One platform that manages private companies’ capital market activity and stakeholder communications. Using the exemptions from Regulation A (RegA+) and Regulation CF (RegCF), companies do not need to go public to raise money.

“There are 4.7 billion people in the world that are possible investors. The private capital market is expected to grow to $30 billion by 2030. We are happy to teach entrepreneurs how to do that. We have been producing content and events since 2016, and it is timely that cannabis companies learn how to use this possibility in a compliant way,” says Oscar Jofre.

About KoreConX

Founded in 2016, KoreConX offers the first secure, all-in-one platform that manages private companies’ capital market activity and stakeholder communications. With an innovative approach to ensure compliance with securities regulations and corporate law, KoreConX offers a single environment to connect companies, capital markets and secondary markets. Investors, broker-dealers, law firms, accountants and investor acquisition firms, all leverage our ecosystem solution. For investor relations and fundraising, the platform enables private companies to share and manage corporate records and investments: it assists with portfolio management, capitalization table and shareholder management, virtual minute book, security registration, transfer agent services, and virtual dealrooms for raising capital. 

About the GrowUp Conference & Expo

The founders and producers of Grow Up Conference and Expo have decades of experience producing national-profile events and creating global connections between business communities in the arts, broadcasting, media and technology. They have organized trade summit initiatives with governments around the world. And they have worked closely with sponsors at all levels of Canadian government.


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