KoreConX Confirms its Listing Agreement with OpenFinance Network to Provide a Secondary Market for Security Tokens#June 6, 2018

Registered KoreConX companies now able to offer secondary trading for investors to sell, buy and trade security tokens

New York – June 6, 2018 KoreConX, the first all-in-one business platform for small to medium-sized enterprises, announced its partnership with the OpenFinance Network (OFN), the trading platform for alternative assets, including tokenized securities, to offer a secondary market exchange to the KoreConX network of companies.

OFN works with leading brokerage houses, custodians, transfer agents, and banks serving the  alternative markets, as well as both US and international investors across various securities offerings types, including Regulation D and Regulation AS, Regulation A+ and Regulation CF. Between OFN’s trading platform technology, team of securities lawyers and trading veterans, OFN aims to bring efficiency, transparency and interoperability to an otherwise faulty marketplace.

“This completes our eco-system in our platform by bringing together issuers, broker dealers, transfer agent and secondary market,” said Oscar Jofre, co-founder, president and CEO for KoreConX. “We now have the ability to provide liquidity in a cost effective and timely manner, never done before.”

“OFN is very excited to work with KoreConX’s diverse customers base,” said Juan M. Hernandez, CEO of OpenFinance Network. “Entering this agreement means these investors now have the ability to unlock real liquidity options when they take advantage of our security token trading system.”

About OpenFinance Network
OpenFinance Network is an open source, trading, clearing, and settlement service for the alternative asset industry. The platform serves as a conduit between issuers, investors, and industry stakeholders, offering streamlined access to liquidity and asset transfer efficiencies. The team has over fifty years of combined experience in financial markets, exchange technology, and finance law and has operated together since 2014. For more information on OFN and the need for trading, see our website www.openfinance.io and our Medium posts here, and here.

About KoreConX
KoreConX is the first secure, all-in-one platform for private companies to manage their capital market activity and stakeholder communications. Removing the burden of fragmented systems and inefficient tools across multiple vendors, KoreConX offers a single environment to connect companies, investors and broker/dealers. Leveraged for investor relations and fundraising, private companies can share and manage corporate records and investments including portfolio management, capitalization table management, virtual minute book, security registers, transfer agent services and virtual deal rooms for raising capital. Register your company with KoreConX for FREE www.koreconx.com.


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